Friday, May 4, 2007

Hard to Let Go

I think I posted once before about how hard it was for Bailey to let Maverick sleep in the crib the first week or so and how jealous he got when I would turn the mobile on for Maverick. His inability to let go of his former toys showed itself again the day he decided he would climb into our piano entertainer thing. I'm never sure what to call this contraption because it's not an exersaucer and it doesn't bounce. I think its official name is "step and play piano" and I don't think Fisher-Price even makes them anymore. Nonetheless - If I had decided Bailey should put his legs through the holes in the seat and play in it I would've gotten hit and scratched, but for him to decide to put his big butt in it was a good idea until he couldn't get out and started telling me, in his most pitiful pouty way, "Stuh, Stuh." Maverick's feet barely touch the bottom so he's not moving or anything, but he seems to be content just hanging out in it for a few minutes when I need to put him somewhere. When he's big enough to know what to do, which won't be long, Bailey will be glad to show him what all the buttons do!

Did I mention that out of the kindness of my heart, I bought Bailey a $5 video at Walmart called "Fast Trains?" We've watched it 20 times since Wednesday. It's like a home video in quality, but it has 30 minutes of real live trains. It was filmed in the Appalachian Mountains somewhere. At one point they show a Christmas parade and a Kingsport, TN fire truck passes by. I spent the night at a hospital in Kingsport once when I thought jumping (falling) off a cliff would be wonderful entertainment! They also have a couple of good fall shots of the leaves changing colors. I won't see that as long as I live in the desert!

Our friend, Lori, had her baby yesterday at around 8 am. Her epidural worked well and she had a pretty easy labor after that. We took them frappucinos last night, but the girl at the desk wouldn't let us take the kids in so Jake went and delivered the frapps while I sat in the waiting room with Bailey and Maverick. I've had two babies and both times have had small children come to my room and visit me. That's the first time since I was a child that I've ever seen a hospital uphold their age limit. Welcome to the Army, the world of regulations! I'm probably going to go by myself, alone, no kids attached, this afternoon to see their little bundle of joy!

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Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Falling off the cliff...a perfect way to spend a day off. I haven't thought of that in a long time.

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