Saturday, May 5, 2007

Our House and more

I told you I would post pictures of our house a long time ago so here are a few. One I took from across the street so you could see all of it in all its glory. The other is a close up of our nameplate as proof that we live here. Notice my mini-van and my SC license plate, the one part of the South I can hold onto until September! My license is good until 2008 so I guess I can hold onto it, too. When the house is clean and picture worthy, I'll take some inside shots of the 'chateau.' I still haven't gotten the curtains hung in mine and Maverick's rooms. Jake's had tests and projects so my projects got put on hold. I need to spray paint my curtain rods, too, so I guess I'm holding it up, as well. I would hang curtains myself, but I don't have enough strength to drive the drill bit in the concrete wall. Believe me, I've tried!

I made another major purchase today that I'm so pumped about. I bought myself a full size electronic piano with weighted keys. I know you're saying what's the big deal? I'm a piano player that has lived without a piano for about 10 years. Now that I'll have 24/7 access to one, I'll never get anything done! I don't get anything done already so I guess it won't be any different. I did get 2 pages in Bailey's scrapbook done last night while we watched a special on places to visit in Hawaii. I don't think I'll ever get caught up! Maybe when Jake retires and I have a room in my house dedicated to all my hobbies, I'll finish scrapbooking baby pictures! Ha!

We had more Bailey drama yesterday over a buggy, but I won't bore you with those stories because I could tell one about every day. He and his room got some serious bonding time! The whole trip was for him and he just didn't care. I was going to Hobby Lobby to buy some art supplies so I can be a good creative mother and do some projects with my wonderful son. I could've been taking him to Chicken Nugget Heaven and it wouldn't have made a difference! Jake's outside now trying to talk him into being a golf prodigy. He's not getting very far. I don't think Bailey cares that Tiger Woods could hit a ball 50 yards when he was 2. He's still got 11 months to be 2 so maybe he'll figure it out. I'll have to get him a better club than the plastic club I got at a consignment sale that's currently taped together.


Jennifer said...

I love it! Shopping cart drama is the best, isn't IT??? And, is there such a place as chicken nugget heaven b/c Emmy is already I'm sure that Bay is!!! How cool, a real deal really won't get anything done now. I'm so happy for you, happy. Wish Jake well for us on all that he's doing and kiss those precious boys.

Grammy said...

Pop thinks Bailey is drawing directions to his new house so we can come visit. See you in June, Bailey Bop!!

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