Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday Explorations

After we got home from church yesterday, around 9:30 since we went to the 8:15 service, we decided we would take a drive to Las Cruces, NM. It's about 45 miles from El Paso to Las Cruces. We've been on this hunt for another chair for our living room. Chris Whisonant thinks I'm the furniture buying queen, but you've got to understand that when we got married, almost 4 years ago, we purchased 2 pieces of furniture - a couch and a chair. Everything else we had was either Jake's grandmother's that we gladly inherited or things we had from single life and of course the California King bed that a friend of the Wades gave us. We also only lived in about 1000 square feet condos until now. So now we've started making some purchases. I bought a table and chairs before I left SC (I miss Garden Ridge!!). Once we got here we've purchased a couple of rugs and a couple of wicker saucer chairs for my sitting area, but we've been on the hunt for another chair for the living room and haven't found it. We've taken our poor children to every furniture store we can find in El Paso, except one, and haven't found anything we remotely liked.

Yesterday our trip to Las Cruces was partially to just check out the city and to see if we could find any more chair options. We stopped at one store and Jake went in by himself to scope it out. When he came back to the car he said they didn't have a chair less than $800 so we left. We drove a couple of blocks until we got to "Furniture Row." "Furniture Row" is like 4 stores in 1. I know there's one in Waco and there's one in El Paso - the one store we never went to! Turns out that "Furniture Row" is our treasure find! They had about 4 chairs we liked that would fit our current decor. We ordered a chair and are having it delivered to the El Paso store.
We probably would already have the chair in the living room if we had just gone to the "Furniture Row" in El Paso. For some reason I thought it was a higher end store and would be too expensive. Obviously my preconceived notion was WRONG! Now I have to WAIT, I hate waiting, for my chair to come! They have a coffee table that I'd like for my 'sitting area,' but it wouldn't be here until June and I didn't want to wait that long.

We had some other cool finds on our trip, though. On our way home, we discovered that they're building an outlet mall on the west side of El Paso that's set to open in the fall! Yippee Skippee!! Also, about 2 miles east of the outlet mall, we saw a new gas station going up. As we got close it, I told Jake it looked like a Rudy's. As we got past it enough to see the side, sure enough, in bright yellow letters was the proof. Rudy's is on its way to El Paso! Rudy's has great brisket - sorry you South Carolinians, brisket is REAL bbq! Hmmm, I can taste it already. I told Jake last night that he'll have to go to the outlet mall with me so he can go to Rudy's on his way home.

El Paso is going from livable to very well livable! Now there are even more reasons for you to come see us!


Grammy said...

Just thought I'd point out that Jen and I are so in love with Rudy's that we have actually had Todd mail bbq sauce to us from Austin. Just wish he could send me some of that creamed corn and those buttery potatoes.

Jennifer said...

As if I need any more reasons to roll my coins and recycle my aluminum cans! Rudy's and Jen live in Texas...I must go there!

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