Sunday, April 22, 2007

Haircut Hell and other tales from the West

Last Saturday, Jake attempted to take Bailey to the barber shop at the PX (Post Exchange) to get his hair cut. Bailey refused and went mad so the lady said "we not cut hair today." So they came home without a hair cut. This Saturday morning, yesterday, Jake woke up and was determined that Bailey was going to get his hair cut and that we could do it ourselves. We get Bailey in his room and I'm holding him down while Jake starts cutting. The first pass of the razor goes all the way to the scalp. I could've cried! At that point he had a big bald place on his head so we had to keep going. We managed to get some more of the back cut before we decided this was a bad plan! Then I had the dread of having to take Bailey to a professional to get it fixed. At least it was salvagable and we started in the back! So here are the before and after pictures of our day of hair cutting. We took Bailey to the hair cut place at one of our many Walmarts and he sat in my lap while the lady fixed our mistakes. He did pretty well and only tried to wrangle his way out of my arms once or twice. Needless to say the lady got a good tip, by my tipping standards, and Bailey has his first 'high and tight'! It really is cute despite the journey to the haircut.

I think I've mentioned before how funny it is to see someone fall. Today we were witnesses to a great one! We went to FBC EP's 'contemporary' service this morning and were going to pick the boys up from their classes. I got ahead of Jake and had to stand and wait for him for a second so 2 ladies, one of their husbands and a daughter got in front of us in the hall. I noticed this woman dressed really cute with her wedged heel tie around the ankle sandals on and thought how uncomfortable they looked. As soon as I had my thought, in slow motion, one of her heels went sideways, causing her to stumble. You could tell she tried to catch herself, but she ended up flat on her butt! I can't get the slow motion image out of my mind. I know I've had the wedge heel experience where I've thought I was going to fall, but haven't so I could empathize with her to some degree. It was absolutely hilarious. Her husband came and got their daughter and told her not to hold her mother's hand because she would pull her over with her the next time she fell!


Grammy said...

I should get Bailey a robocut. Wonder if he would like having his hair sucked into the vacuum cleaner? Speaking of vacuum cleaner, when you were 2 and my mother was babysitting, she was looking for the "sweeper" and she asked you several times where it was, but you had no idea what she was talking about. You knew exactly where to find all the makings of cinnamon toast, though.

Jennifer said...

Poor Bay!!! What are you crazy folks doing to my favorite boy? LOL!!! Poor kid - maybe one day in therapy, he'll learn the self-truth that it's not him, it's the haircut that causes poor behavior. heeheeheehee. And I love the story of the woman wiping out -- but I'm sure that means I am next to bust my tail! Tell Grammy that I know what a sweeper is and gotta love the poor man's poptart - cinnamon toast!

allisonnewman said...

Jen, I just had to laugh at this one. I am for sure moving to Fort Worth in Jan., if not before then. I was there this past weekend, and I loved it!! As soon as I get my pictures downloaded, I will send out an email detailing our trip to the Secret Service Headquarters.

BTW - How do I get in touch with you? Have you changed your cell phone number?

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