Sunday, May 13, 2007


I've realized that Bailey seems to get alot of press on the blog so I thought I would add a few pictures of Maverick to even out the score. Maverick has become a very delightful little boy. He likes to smile and talk to us. I love it when he gets going and makes his high pitched squeal sounds. He likes to eat and has lots of rolls to prove it! He and Bailey, with the help of Jake and the computer, wrote me a Mother's day letter thanking me for being such a good Mommy to them. It was sweet! I cried and I knew they didn't really write it. I'm a big sap! Jake tried to get Bailey to paint me a picture Wednesday while I was gone, but he was mad and wouldn't cooperate so the letter was the substitute. It was just as nice and I'll keep it for years to come. Won't I Jen?
Jake and I got to have our first 'date' since my mom was here at the beginning of April. FBCEP has a 'kids night out' on the 2nd Friday of every month - 4 hours of free childcare!! We got to go out and eat at a sit down restaurant. Go shopping without any child drama and go wander around Barnes and Noble without chasing Bailey up and down the aisles. It was so nice!
I met a couple of women this morning who live on our side of town who have kids Bailey's age so we're going to try and do some playtimes and just get out of the house. It was funny because one of the ladies moved here from the Austin area and as we were talking, we had the same feelings about missing our friends and not being able to really get out of the house and not knowing many people. Her husband told Jake he was glad we met!
I never realized how divided the city of El Paso is until we got to talking to people this morning in Sunday School. In El Paso there are 3 dominant parts of town - East, West and Northeast. People who live on the East side won't go to the West side to do things and vice versa. They surely won't venture to the Northeast for anything. Where we live is probably right in the center so I can go to the hangouts on the East and West in about the same amount of time. The funny thing is that going from East to West is about the equivalent of going from Rock Hill to Pineville. So it's not like it's a major drive AND it's all interstate! I guess I'm just willing to drive wherever I need to go to get what I want to get. I'm known to drive 20 minutes to the same place twice in one day if the first trip was made unsuccessful by a particular 2 year old that lives in our house! I guess I'm not territorial and never will be!


Evans Newell said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! hope you have a great one. did Jake buy you Starbuck's?

Peggy said...

You figured out the East, West, Northeast thing pretty quick! You are so right! My family lives in the Northeast, (really close to the big Wal-Mart there) but my dad's radio station is on the West side.

Happy Mother's Day!

Grammy said...

I love these pictures because when I click on them I can see every little detail. Maverick is such a beautiful boy. I can't wait to snuggle with him.

Jennifer said...

Happy day to you, mom! And, yes, until I show up with my black trash bag, you will save it, I'm certain. So, glad that you had a loverly mommy weekend! Ours was a different story...but isn't it always at the nut house?!? Love and miss!!!

Beth said...

Maverick is beautiful and looks so much different than Bailey. I can't wait to see y'all and I hope you had a peaceful mother's day. Maybe this time I'll actually get to see y'all and things won't change suddenly.

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