Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I've decided that since I can't go anywhere with my 2 year old without making a scene and I'm somewhat a prisoner to my house, except on Thursdays, PTL and Tammy Faye, that I might as well seek to have a clean and organized house! I have no excuse, really. Today I decided I would tackle Bailey's room. Have you ever attempted to clean a 2 year old's room while he is awake and knows you're in his room? I think I picked up the same cars and books 10x at least! He also attempted to help me make his bed. He sat on the box spring while I tried to put the bedskirt in place. Everything I put away, he got back out. It was a good time. Finally, after the bed was completely made he decided to get on it and pretend he was going 'nite, nite.'

I also decided I will start posting pictures of the interior of the 1960's chateau since the rooms will be clean. Today you get Bailey's room, along with a picture of Bailey, the green tile front bathroom and the washer/dryer hiding place! Enjoy! Laugh! Envy me!

Bailey's room - Left Side - Wonderful Ralph Lauren Bedding compliments of Jonathan Vehaun. Bailey probably has the nicest bedding that will ever be owned in our house!

Bailey's Room - Right Side
The Infamous Green Tiled Bathroom - A step back in time!

Do you see the Washer and Dryer? If only you could peek behind curtain #1! This is in a little hallway leading to the bathroom. Jake's closet is actually on the opposite side of the curtain that hides the 'Utility Room!'

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Peggy said...

You've done a really great job with the house, Jen! I used to babysit for families in military housing, so I've seen a few! You've definitely added your personal touch and that's what matters. Keep up the good work!

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