Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Pictures

This is our galley kitchen. I'm actually enjoying my gas oven and stove. I didn't think I would like it, but it cooks so much better than any electric oven I've ever used. I've managed to not burn anything so far! Can you imagine having this white tile floor in the entire house? In our neighborhood, all but about 5 houses have this white floor throughout the entire house! I should also add that without the curtain on that door, we can see straight into our neighbor's house. Our driveways are adjacent to each other so our kitchen doors are directly across from each other. This is a view of our main living area from the entry way. This is my 180lb table that my friends helped me get home from Garden Ridge in Pineville! I absolutely love it!! It has a battle scar on it from a drill that fell over, but what's a piece of furniture without a story, right? The entrance to the kitchen is on the left. You can see the corner of my 'piano' on the right.
This is a view of my seating area and the living room from the hallway. I just got the coffee table yesterday at Hobby Lobby (I LOVE Hobby Lobby) and I'm not so sure if I like it or not. It'll grow on me. I just like having the drawers to hide my QT stuff. Eventually it'll go in the living room so this is just it's temporary home at this house.
Here's the living room. It's normally covered with cars, trains and whatever other toys Bailey decides he needs to be playing with as well as a boppy and bouncy seat. It gets pretty cramped. The TV is enjoying a break from playing Toy Story today while Bailey's at MDO. (If anyone can tell me the English term for attributing human characteristics to an inanimate object and where I used it in the previous sentence, you get the star for the day.) The chair we ordered in Las Cruces will go where Maverick's swing is currently sitting. We're going on 3 weeks so I'm hoping I'll get the 'Come and Get It' phone call soon!

Hope you're enjoying my pictures. I love seeing how people live and decorate which I guess is why I'm a home improvement/decorating show addict! I guess I also am trying to prove that my 1960's chateau - military house - isn't that bad. It'll actually be hard to leave this place when we get to move into our new house. We just enjoy having so much space compared to where we've lived before.


Chris Whisonant said...

What a BEAUTIFUL picture on your fridge. Lovely curly headed girl and little brother!

House looks good - thx for the pics!

Peggy said... it personification? And you were referring to the TV.

The house is beautiful! Now I'm inspired to post pictures of our house on MY blog! But, you have to promise to comment. Activity has been low on there lately!

Grammy said...

I thought I had accidently opened an HGTV website!! It looks so good. I think this house must feel honored to have it's final residents go to so much trouble to make it feel comfortable and look beautiful after it's many, many years of service to service personnel. Or is that too much personification? I think you should get a piece of that green bathroom tile and keep it as a reminder of your very first adventure in Army living.

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