Friday, June 1, 2007

Bathtub Follies

Click here to see Bailey's attempt to figure out how to get back in the bathtub after bending over the edge to get a toy from the toy bag. He didn't hurt himself in the making of this video and both of his parents were there watching ready to lend a hand if things had gotten dangerous. Eventually he just slid onto his elbows, stood up and got back in the tub. I let him struggle for things alot because he's at the stage in his life where he wants to do things HIS way and often gets mad if we try to help him do things an easier way.

I started the Paci weening this week. I only let him have it at naptime and bedtime. It's not been too terrible except when he decides in the middle of the day he wants it and comes begging for it. When I tell him that big boys don't need paci's he usually gets mad and pouts for a few seconds, but moves onto something else pretty quickly. He'll get it eventually!

We're going to venture this morning to the mall so I can get my wedding rings inspected and cleaned like I'm supposed to do twice a year for my lifetime diamond warranty or something to that effect. However, in November when I took them, I found out I have to pay $150 every 2 years to keep the warranty going. Not sure if it's really worth it in the long run, but I guess I'll keep letting them rob me for the peace of mind of knowing that if anything were to happen to any of the diamonds they would be replaced or repaired. Maybe when Jake makes Captain, I'll be able to talk him into some bigger bling, regardless! If Bailey's not acting like a fool I might even let him play in the play area for a little while and maybe get him a pretzel. Going to the mall and getting a pretzel always reminds me of the many adventures Cindy Gale and I took with our children to various malls in the Charlotte area. We could almost always be spotted outside the JCPenney at Carolina Place sharing pretzels with all the kiddos.
I'd give anything for a friend to meet me at the Mall in El Paso! Was that pitiful sounding or what?


Jed said...

this video is hysterical....thanks for sharing it!!

Jen Dub-ya said...

Poor kiddo - don't you love him? LOL. I understand completely just letting them do it the hard helps to avoid the ever-horrible come apart!

Grammy said...

This was so hard for Grammy to watch!!! I kept thinking about how sore his little ribs were going to be. Of course, I have a video of him standing in the tub and slipping and falling, so who am I to talk. I must add that he was not injured in my video either. He was showing off for Grammy and got carried away.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you let my sweet boy fall on his head. I must say I did enjoy watching him. Of course me and Paw love watching him do anything just like Grammy and Pop.


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