Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bailey Funnies

Today's been a stressful day at our house, but having a 2 year old do goofy things has made me smile a few times when I needed it. So here are a few of Bailey's funnies for today and yesterday.

1) Last night we went to pick up the chair we ordered over a month ago and as things go in my world, the warehouse was closed already so we couldn't pick up the chair. On the way home, coming west on I-10, Bailey started what we think is his version of singing. For those of you who are vocalists, it sounds more like a warm up. He just sort of hums this AAAAH over and over on different pitches. Then he gets embarrassed when he knows we're listening. He did the exact same thing tonight at approximately the same point on the interstate. We just smiled and laughed with him.

2) Last night, I also talked Jake into going to Baskin Robbins to get a low fat scoop of ice cream. He went in and I stayed in the car with the kids and we just shared 2 scoops of tin roof sundae. Tonight he decided that since we've had a stressful day that he needed a treat. We decided on Baskin Robbins again. Tonight I went in and chose our flavor - Maui Brownie Madness! While I was waiting to order, he stuck his head in the door and said he was just going to go to McDonald's next door and get a cone while I ordered. He was disappointed with his cone and blown away by my MBM. We drove down the street a little bit and I mentioned that the MBM was low fat so he decided to turn around and get his own dip of MBM. I promise this is about Bailey - - When Jake went inside, I gave Bailey the rest of his cone and you would've thought Bailey was suddenly the king of the world. He attacked that cone and had this look of sheer delight on his face with every bite. He also had vanilla ice cream from his nose to his chin!

3) A video for this one will follow after I get them downloaded. Yesterday I let him play in the water sprinkler. We've been trying to water our grass pretty regularly so that it will be nice and green, a rare sight around here! It was like 94 yesterday and I turned the sprinkler on and ran through it a few times and got him to hold my hand and run through with me. He's not been big on getting in the water until yesterday! He started getting brave and would stand and brush his hand over the streams coming off of the sprinkler. After a little while, I figured out what the weird child was doing and why his hand had to be put in the stream. He was intenionally rubbing his hand in the grass or dirt and getting them dirty then putting them in the water to wash them off. He's the goofiest thing and hates to have dirty hands! You'll see it for yourself once I post the video. He was soaked, head to toe, by the time we needed to come inside and get cleaned up to go eat last night.

I think that's enough of his goofiness for one post.

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Karen said...

Aren't kids GREAT! I love the way they think (sometimes anyway)

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