Saturday, June 2, 2007

Promised video

Here's the video that I promised of Bailey in the sprinkler. Enjoy!

This is what Maverick was doing while Bailey was playing in the sprinkler - gnawing on the stroller! He really was very content sitting in the stroller under the carport while I chased Bailey around the yard and kept him from watering the street and every car that past by.

This is a reenactment of Jake giving Maverick kisses. Maverick wasn't nearly as excited about the posed picture as he was when his cheeks were being kissed for real. It was worth the try. Jake's not really that dark, but Maverick really is that pale!

1 comment:

Grammy said...

I think Maverick was trying to chew his way out of the stroller so he could get in the water sprinkler. They are going to be so much fun when Maverick can walk. Whatever Bailey can think of, Maverick will do!!

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