Monday, June 4, 2007

Pure Love

I told Bailey that this was the epitome of love - me making a total fool of myself driving his tractor. It's hard work, as you can tell by my face! Those wheels have absolutely no traction and Bailey's not the lightest child in the world. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a total nut case for stooping to this level. I think Jake was embarrassed, too, because he took these pictures from under the carport! The things a mother will do to make her child happy!
Do they look like brothers? I probably should try this again because the shape of their mouths is very similar when they're cooing over the mobile. Maverick had to go the dr yesterday for his runny nose and being more fussy than usual. They gave him an antibiotic and some saline solution for his nose. He loves that! He's been more himself today, though.

Today I took the kiddos on some adventures! We started this morning by driving to the 'far east' side of El Paso to the Super Target. It was like being in South Charlotte. I could've stayed and wandered for hours just for old time's sake if not for the 2 year old that was well behaved, but wouldn't have lasted much longer. I will be making more trips to the Super Target and I hear they're building one in northeast El Paso and that'll be closer!! I told you El Pasoans are all about their 'sides.' Then this afternoon we were outside playing and Bailey kept walking to the van door and saying 'go.' I'm not sure where he wanted to go, but I thought what the heck, driving around beats sitting out in the heat. We all got strapped in and went for a ride to nowhere. We did end up at McDonald's, but that's not unusual. I went out one of the gates on Fort Bliss that I don't normally go out and just drove. I ended up on Rim Road, a twisty road that is built on the side of a mountain. From the road, you can see all of El Paso and probably most of Chihuahua county (Juarez), Mexico. It really is an amazing view because the sky is clear and the land below is pretty flat. There are also some really pretty houses up on the road so those were fun to see, too. If you ever come visit us, be sure I take you up Rim Road! I really wasn't sure at first where Rim was going to take us, but it runs into some familiary territory - so familiar I knew right where the McDonald's was. Bailey enjoyed his fries on our ride home and I enjoyed the REAL Dr. Pepper they gave me instead of the Diet that I asked for! MMMM nothing like a real Dr. Pepper from the fountain!

There'll be more adventure stories to come, I'm sure. It's one good excuse to get out of the house which I desperately need to start doing more of!


Chris Whisonant said...

But Diet DP tastes more like Regular DP.... :P

That was a great laugh to get my day kicked off in Panera! And they say Jake is the trooper... lol What a mom!

AMANDA said...

I love this picture!! Did Jake tell you that "your tractor's sexy"? Ha! Ha!

Jen Dub-ya said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! Girl, that is hot! You do deserve that mother-of-the-year scepter. Thanks for making my day. You always find a way of doing that even thousands of miles away. Missing you and your craziness!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! You go girl!! Any mom that may have seen you would understand why you were on that tractor. :-) I agree with Whis, I miss you and your craziness, too!!

Anonymous said...

I love this!! A picture paints a thousand words! Thank you for doing whatever it takes for Bailey to enjoy his tractor. When we had it restored I never thought I would see you riding it. You tell Jake to get his butt out of the carport and be proud of his babies mom. We love you!!!

GG and Paw

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