Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

The Wades had a good weekend. I spent Saturday morning at Praise Team practice and went to lunch with them afterward. I'm really enjoying playing for this group. It's a lot different than the band in FM. I guess my role in the band is different, too. When I came home, Jake was watching the US Open and the boys were napping so I went shopping for a couple of hours and came back with NOTHING! All that time and I found NOTHING. Kohls was doing one of their spend $50 get a $10 coupon thing. I have a $50 gift card so I thought this would be a good time to spend it. I walked around the store with a pair of sunglasses on my head that I was going to get, but couldn't find $40 worth of anything that I wanted so I put them back and left empty handed.
Letting Jake stay with the kids, especially Bailey, while I'm not home has been a good thing. After spending 10 months out of the last year with me and not seeing Jake much, Bailey is pretty attached to me. He always wants me to get his snacks or fill his cup or turn his tv on, etc. I've started telling him that daddy can help him, too. Some times that works, some times he just says 'no.' Now that he's been able to spend a little more time recently with Jake and not me, he's starting to realize that daddy has 2 arms and legs just like mommy does! He spent a good bit of Saturday evening sitting on Jake's lap and rough-housing with him. I think we're turning a good corner on that one - for ALL of our sakes!

Yesterday after church, we decided that we were going to go to Rudy's to get take out and use the gift card Jake got from one of his buddies. We sat in the drive thru line for about 20 minutes and moved once. I went inside when we first got there and got us a bag of chips and drink just to hold us over until we got to the window. Eventually we gave up and went to Taco Cabana instead. That's the 2nd time this weekend that we've driven all the way to Rudy's and haven't eaten there. It was packed Friday night when we tried to go and I didn't have the desire to attempt to entertain Bailey while we waited to order and then attempt to eat. Anyone with a 2 year old knows that's not a good scenario for a pleasant meal. We ended up at the mall food court and got to talk to the pastor of FBC EP and his wife, whom I had never met and had no idea who she was until Friday.

I spent Sunday afternoon in and out of consciousness on the couch while Jake sat in the chair watching the US Open. I always have to laugh at him watching golf on TV because he tries to predict if they're going to make putts. Sometimes he's right, but often he's wrong! I like to rub it in when he's wrong!
I had to include this picture of Bailey's outfit yesterday. He refused to stand in front of me so I could take a good picture so I had to sneak this one. Notice his red Taco Cabana chip hanging out of his mouth! I don't dress him like this often, but he is adorable dressed in a little 'john-john' type outfit.


Matt said...

I actually went to Kohl's this weekend and bought a duffle bag/suitcase for our trip. It was originally $180 but after a 50% discount and another 15% discount b/c it had no UPC I paid only $65. I had to wait 20 minutes on a manager who did not come till I decided to go get one that had a UPC. It happens that the manager was attending to a shoplifter. I exited the store to 4 cop cars and a man handcuffed who was trying to steal ladies shoes. Funny eh?

Anonymous said...

I love Bailey's cute outfit. You know according to his Dad and Uncle Josh, they were marked for life because I dressed them in John John clothes and knee socks. Maybe since Bailey didn't have the socks he will not be emotionaly desturbed. I sure hope so.


Jen Dub-ya said...

Grandma Jane used to put Chris in the same outfits and he's fine...maybe a little weird, but fine...=) It didn't scar him -- in fact I think he liked his little yellow rain hat and coat and white patent leather shoes and knee socks --- he actually modeled once for Sears as a little boy - I loooove it!!!

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