Monday, June 25, 2007

First Sale and a Top 5

Today I completed my first sale using Craigslist! It was so exciting for the lady to hand me $15 for our bouncy seat. Now all I can think of is what else I can sell. "Money, money, money..."

I've been thinking for a while about what my TOP 5 COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT KIDDO PRODUCTS are. I'm sure none are surprises, but thought I'd list them and see what all my other mom friends can't live without.

1) Target brand EVERYTHING
- Diapers, Wipes, Formula! I've tried name brand everything and I still feel like my way less expensive Target Brand stuff does the job just as well.

The Bumbo Seat - How did Bailey survive without one? He must've spent a lot of time just rolling on the floor. Since we don't have wall to wall carpet right now, it's better for Maverick to have a seat. We also bring in a lot of stickers or sand spurs on our shoes so even our carpet can be dangerous. I've stepped on more stickers inside than out!

Zout - I trust every stain to Zout!

Podee Bottle - I bought one of these when Maverick was about a month old and we didn't really start using it until about a month ago and I use it at least once a day. It's great when it's time to eat, but it's also time to go somewhere. We use it in the car seat all the time! I'm about to go buy another one because it's hard to keep 1 ready to be used as much as I would use it. Highly Recommend to all bottle feeding mothers!

5) Portable DVD Player
- Many a long trip has been successful due to Bailey being able to watch movies while we drive. I think we're on our 4th one currently because we wear them out or Bailey abuses them somehow.

Now it's your turn...I'm sure I could come up with a ton more, but that'll have to do for this installment!


Jen Dub-ya said...

My number one kiddo provision is Oxiclean b/c even when Zout or Shout give out...oxiclean WILL get it out! Blood, sweat, tears, formula, name it! I'll have to think about others that rank high --- hand sanitizer and shout wipes --- and they even make travel size clorox wipes and clorox anywhere sanitizing spray!!! wooo-hooody.

Cindy said...

Hmmm, my top no particular order...

1. When kids were younger, I liked a bouncy seat.
2. Since I'm one of your germaphobe friends :-), I'd have to say hand sanitizer.
3. Flander's Butt Paste
4.Johnson's Baby Wash, I love the smell!!
5. Fruit snacks!

AMANDA said...

You sound like me, what can I sell! The only problem is I want to spend the money on something else :) Any excuse to go to Target! I don't think I could have lived without cloth diapers as burp cloths when my kids were nursing. Now I think it may be granola bars - they are the easiest snack to toss in the diaper bag, and they aren't messy. I seem to keep an endless supply in the pantry!

Chris Whisonant said...

Who knew my Jen would have a list of all cleaning products??

Grammy said...

I guess it depends on the age of the baby, but with Jen it was:
1. the Swingamatic (the old wind up kind)
2. her chicken bottle holder (stuffed animal chicken with a piece of elastic on the back that propped up a bottle while she drank it
3. changing table (I didn't have one with Todd and Jen's was so nice)
4. Platex bottles (I loved the way you could squeeze out the air and then she could drink the milk no matter what the angle of the bottle)
5. Big Brother - Todd entertained her for endless hours by just doing whatever he was doing (I'm sure Maverick watches Bailey the same way)

Ashley said...

So far, my two favorite things are the paci, and the infant carrier carseat. I love the fact that when she falls asleep in the car, I can get her in without waking her up. And as long as she has her paci, she'll put herself sleep at night and for naps. Gee, can you tell I'm a little tired today?

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

This is a tough one...
-Sippy Cups
-Cheerios/Kix/finger grabbers
-Teenage Girls
-Baby swing (for the immobile baby)

ooh - baby wipes. Those things are MAGIC.


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