Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July Adventures

We decided today that we would check out Alamogordo, NM. It's about an hour away from us to the North. We just sort of drove through on the main drag and then into the downtown historical area. We ended up at a McDonald's (I know you can't believe that) and Bailey played on the playground while we ate grilled chicken sandwiches. The sad proof that we eat at McDonald's alot is the number of Surf's Up figurines we have at the house. The sadder part is that I've thrown 3 or 4 away and we still have a ton! To end our time at McDonald's Jake bought me a delicious chocolate dipped cone and he and Bailey split a cone! I should add that Bailey shared mine, too! We didn't find anything exciting to do in Alamogordo so we drove about another hour into Las Cruces. While in Las Cruces, we found a little town called Mesilla (that's pronounced Maseya, for those non-spanish speakers). It's a cute little town that I would consider somewhat like Blowing Rock, NC, minus the big mountains. It's a little community with lots of little shops surrounding a square. They have a little theater and several bistro-ish sort of restaurants. I think we're going to go back there for a day or so once Jake is finished with his class and is officially in a real job!

On our way back into El Paso, Jake let me go into Hobby Lobby to get some material. I made a baby sling last weekend and have used it a couple of times already. I really like it! I just have a little bit of tweaking that I need to do to my approach and sewing style and I think I'll be in business. I did make another $5 today with a Craigslist sale and have a box of things that I need to organize and post to try and make a few more sales. It's so exciting, but Jake says it's like I'm dealing drugs because I meet people in gas station parking lots!

This afternoon we ate fried chicken from Popeye's and let the boys play in the pool. After we watched a Nathan's hot dog eating contest that was apparently a replay from last year and it got dark, we drove to the westside to watch the fireworks from a little amusement park. We parked in the mall parking lot along with thousands of other people. I tried to get Bailey to sit on my lap in the front seat to watch the fireworks, but he was obviously unimpressed! He's definitely hard to please, except now when we do find something that he likes he screams "YAY! YAY!" Just hearing him say that and smile and do his little dance almost makes it worth negotiating with him until we find something that pleases him. I said ALMOST!!! Many times the poor kid just has to do without completely because there are times when he doesn't even know what he wants!


Anonymous said...

We did our usual 4th celebrations at the Fords and since you couldn't be there I baked the blueberry cake in your honor. I was able to get the recipe from the website where you won the recipe contest. It was a hit as usual.

Peggy said...

My family goes to Mesilla all the time! It's a fun place! Did you find the fudge place? Mmmmmm! Also, a restaurant recommendation there is La Posta. Very good Mexican - something that does not exist in Calgary!

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