Thursday, July 5, 2007

This is a small mound of white sand that sits near the highway that dissects the White Sands Missile Range between Alamogordo, NM and Las Cruces. It really was odd to see how white the sand in this one particular area was compared to the rest of the landscape.
Bailey thought it was fun to splash Maverick in the pool. Maverick wasn't too sure about the whole pool event at first, but he settled in and just watched Bailey and laughed until the sun moved and we had to take him out to get him into the shade.
Maverick was cute sitting in his chair all wrapped up with this blanket. His bumbo seat is underneath him, in case you're in awe of how well this almost 6 month old can sit in a regular chair. He just sat and watched Bailey. He also enjoyed chewing on his towel!

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