Monday, July 16, 2007

One day down...4 to go

We've successfully survived one morning of VBS here in EP! Woo am I glad this day is behind us!!! You never know what day one will look like until it happens. You can anticipate and wonder, but until the kiddies walk in the room and the first song is played you just have no idea! The VBS director here, love her heart, has never directed VBS before so you can only imagine that there are moments of chaos that drive those of us who are gifted in administration crazy! It's been quite an adventure and will continue to be until it's over. I do get to have my own cordless microphone and get to look official for a few minutes each day so that's fun! Tomorrow, I think I'm going to be getting the kids to do a good stadium 'wave' in the sanctuary so we'll see if they catch on to that or if I get kicked out! Along with my wild music responsibility, I'm also helping with the 5th graders or Preteens, whatever you want to call them. That's very interesting. Our group was pretty quiet today and there's one little girl who at the beginning of the day seemed miserable. By the end, she was smiling and laughing and having a good time. She's not into sports so this whole VBS theme doesn't get her excited!

All in all, I'm looking forward to the morning and hearing all those crazy kids yell "GAME DAY!"
It's all bittersweet, though, because the past few years in FM have been so much fun! I don't think I'll ever be able to do VBS without having my memories of the 'team' there flash through my mind!

In other news, I think I found someone to cut my hair that will do a good job. Praise the Lord! That's been one of my moving woes. This girl did a great job today so in about a month I'll go back and see if she comes through again!


Cindy said...

All my kids loved the music.Josh would even do the moves.He is funniest when doing Sign Me Up.He turns from side to side and sticks his belly out for the begining move.
Yea!! For a hairstylist.

Grammy said...

Of all my years of VBS I think the most memorable was the outdoor classes we did at Lake Texoma. That was many years ago, but you were already becoming a good leader. Remember A-weema-weh A-weema-weh A-weema-weh A-weema-weh?

Jed said...

I got a haircut here in the Philippines on Monday too.... I was dreading what they might do to it, but it was great.... Funny that we did that on the same day even though we are 10,500 miles apart!

Anonymous said...

"Run,run,run the race, keep ,keep keep the pace, run the race, keep the pace, keep your eyes on JESUS!"

That will forever be in my mind... Have a wonderful week -- we had a blast here in Alabama and I loved my first graders!

On the hairstylist... I know how important that is ... let's pray she won't be like the lady on tour... remember that?! "Edward Scissor-Hands" comes to mind...:)


Anonymous said...

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