Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top 5 - Side 1, Track 1

Thanks Chris for nominating me to participate and thanks Jen for participating so that I would feel obligated to as well.
This is supposed to be a list of my top 5 favorite album openers.

I'm not sure why the theme seems to be digging into the past, but since everyone else did, I will too. Remember this was like early 90's and before that and are listed in no particular order. I really was just trying to think of things I remember listening to ALL the time. I know it's a random list, but so is my musical preference!

1) Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
Year: 1987
Track 1: I've Had the Time of My Life (Jennifer Warnes)

2) Reba McEntire
Year: 1991
Album: Greatest Hits Vol 2
Track 1: Does He Love You

3) Top Gun Soundtrack
Year: 1986
Track 1: Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins)

4) Billy Joel
Year: 1977
Album: The Stranger
Track 1: Movin' Out

5) First Call
Year: 1989
Album: God is Good
Track 1: Someday

My pass it along nominations:
1) Mom
2) Todd Bailey
3) Cindy Gale
4) Amanda Scott
5) Karen Sutton
Now it's YOUR turn!!


Jen Dub-ya said...

Wow, we really are meant to be friends...Reba McEntire almost made my list, but Chris wouldn't let me use any best of albums. Sorry, that I caved and made you do this goofy thing, too. It was a hoot, though!!! See, after all these years, peer pressure still works. =)

Chris Whisonant said...

Actually, compilations, soundtracks, and 'best-ofs' shouldn't have been on here, but I didn't elaborate on the 'rules'. :) Cool list!

Madtoad said...

Ok. I took the bait and posted my top 5 Album openers. Can you guess what most of them were? :)

Grammy said...

I'm gonna have to think about this when I have some time, but I'm pretty sure that original Billy Joel album was mine. I remember you buying it again a couple of years ago. I'd have to add Garth Brooks and Barry Manilow to my list.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't invited to participate but I'll give it a go regardless...

1. "The Mission" (1986)
composed by: Enrino Moricone
Track: On Earth as it is in Heaven

2. Earth Wind and Fire
Title: I AM (1979)
Track: In the Stone

3. Tower of Power
Title: T.O.P. (1993)
Track: Soul with a Capital "S"

4. Pat Metheny
Title: Still Life (Talking) (1987)
Track: Minauno (six-eight)6/8

5. Gran Torino
Title: TWO (2000)
Track: Coup d'Etat

Jake (Jen's husband)

Cindy said...

I'll create a list. That'll be hard. :-)

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