Thursday, July 19, 2007

VBS Moments

It's not over! We still have one more day of VBS out here, but today we all had some 'moments.' You know when you do things a certain way and then one day you deviate from that 'certain way' and things just don't feel right? Today was one of those days where I had deviated and things obviously weren't right! I had to make 2 trips from the car into the church when we arrived this morning. The first trip was me and the boys dropping off the school supplies I got for them to give to the mission project for the week. I let Bailey carry in a Walmart bag of glue down to the front of the sanctuary to put in the boy's pile. Then I dropped them off at their rooms. I told the teachers I would be back with Bailey's bag and Maverick's formula. I've left enough diapers there for the week so all I had to take today was formula. I went back to the car to get my bag and then had to look for my notebook with my cheat sheet for today's song! I got so distracted getting ready to sing that I forgot to take Bailey's bag and Maverick's formula.

At about 10, one of the preschool coordinators found me and asked me about the formula. I almost cried! My poor little boy had gone all morning without a bottle. I ran up to the 3rd floor to the class I'm working in to get the formula and Bailey's bag and ran them over to their classrooms. Maverick didn't starve to death. He's got plenty of fat stores to keep that from happening, but I did earn myself a Mother of the Year nomination, didn't I, Jen?

During the Worship Rally at the end of the day, I did get emotional as we were singing 'One,' the ballad for the year. Seeing 200+ kids singing and signing just reminded me of why we go through the trouble to do VBS every year. It was a beautiful moment! I really do LOVE VBS and look forward to it every year. This was an interesting year with a different church, but fortunately the Lord can go beyond my quirks and issues and still manage to use us to help children understand more fully what it means to follow Him and to obey Him. He is letting me fill out an evaluation form, though!

The other highlight of the Worship Rally today was hearing Bailey's little squeal over everyone in the sanctuary! His class doesn't usually come to the Worship Rally, but today his teachers snuck the 2 year olds onto a back pew. During a skit some of the kids do everyday when people would laugh or clap, you could hear this high pitched squeal of delight coming from the back of the room. I was sitting on the front pew and turned to see who it was. There was Bailey's little head just barely sticking out over the top of the pew! Sure enough every time he'd hear laughs or claps, he and his buddy Christopher squealed with delight. It was very cute. It reminded me of
Bethany's graduation.


Jen Dub-ya said...

MOY - least you had the formula...last time I forgot (after riding 25 mins to church) I had a nice circle back to Newport and then to Fort Mill...So, I drove 1 hr and 40 mins total that day just for morning church...ahhhh, the memories, like the corner of my glad vbs was the God thing it always should be!!!

AMANDA said...

At least you weren't wearing head to toe orange when you got emotional with that song! Glad VBS is going well! I hope that church knows what a awesome person God put among them!

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