Friday, August 24, 2007

Mad Pictures

We were getting ready to go somewhere the other day and Bailey had his arms full of things he was taking with him. He had 2 small trains, Mack and Thomas. As you can see, he dropped Thomas before he got to the door and couldn't figure out how to pick him up without dropping the rest of his load. I was trying to get a picture of the entire load, but was too late!
When we got home from church Wednesday night, I was snacking on an ice cream sandwich that made Maverick's mouth water. I let him have a couple of licks or sucks or whatever he was doing to it, but when it was all gone this is the attitude he pulled out. He's a stinker. We had to promptly fix him his bedtime snack bottle to dry up the tears.

In other news, today is a big day at our house - our first official Battalion picnic and I'm playing in a piano concert at our church tonight that I am crazy nervous about! We had to go to the commissary yesterday to buy food to feed everyone from Jake's unit today at the picnic. At some point today I'll be playing on the Unit's volleyball team. That'll be interesting. I'm sure I'll have skinned knees and will hardly be able to walk tomorrow from the residual soreness. Glad I'm wearing pants to the concert tonight!

The piano concert is the beginning of the weekend of activities for the big 125th anniversary shindig that seems like it's going to last 125 years!! The church bought a new Yamaha Grand and then someone donated another Grand piano so this is sort of the dedication service for the two. I'll be playing on the program with some amazing talent. Our pastor,who has a music degree and our friend, Steve Noelle will be playing some 4 hands 2 piano duets. These guys are wonderful pianists and I feel like a beginner when I sit and listen to them play. I had originally told our music minister I wasn't going to play, but Jake told me that I needed to and had no excuse since I own a piano now. So I'm playing. Did I mention how nervous these things make me? So pray for me at about 7 pm El Paso time! I'll be one big ball of nerves, but ultimately it's not about me, right?
May the Lord be honored by my using the talent He's given me for His glory.


Anonymous said...

Oooo, I'd love to hear you play. I'm proud of you for playing despite the nerves!! It'll be great. Do you get to play a grand or baby grand?
The boys drama and sad faces are great too!


Anonymous said...

You have nothing to be nervous about because you are a great pianoist and they are blessed to have you as one of their many accompanist. I just wish we were there to year you. I hope all goes well today. We sure miss all of you and wish I could be there to help with you with the picnic but I know you will do fine. Write and give us a run down of how everything went. Love our boys!! We love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Jen Dub-ya said...

okay - you rock, first of all - none of this nerves business --- tough love baby - you'd do the same for me. =) and oh the thousands of times EG ended up in hysterics because she tried to carry way too much in a not very smart way!!! and poor mav, are you starving my poor boy? probably, just like i starve ot! love you and you'll be a joy to the Lord when you play with your whole heart!

Grammy said...

I'm only seeing this post two days late, but I have no doubt the piano thing went well. I was always amazed at how you could play the music and turn the pages at the same time. Can't wait to hear about it. Hope we get to hear more about the picnic, too. I love those mad pictures. I can't believe how beautiful those boys are even when they are crying.

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