Monday, August 27, 2007

The Weekend

The piano concert went very well Friday night. Thanks for praying for me! I wrote in my last post that the church bought the Yamaha Grand and then someone donated another grand to the church. Our music minister, Jim, shared the story of the donated piano Friday night and I thought it was pretty amazing! This couple called the church and said they had a piano they wanted to donate to the church. Without really getting much detail, Jim and some others went over to their house to see the piano and find out what stipulations there would be if the piano was given to the church. When they got to the house, the couple told them the piano was in the living room. At this point they didn't even know what kind of piano it was. I think Jim thought it would be some sort of old upright or something. When they walked into the living room, there sat a 9' Steinway Grand Piano! Can you imagine??? The piano is 20 years old or so, but is in great shape. One of these things brand new would cost anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000! Can you imagine having one of these in your house and just giving it away? or being the person on the receiving end with no idea you're about to be given a Steinway Grand piano! AMAZING!!!

Yesterday we had our big 125th Anniversary service. It was really cool to hear stories of the work that the Lord has done in the lives of people from FBCEP and to know that the Lord has so much more that He wants to use this body of believers to accomplish here on Earth. We feel blessed to be here at this point in FBCEPs history! I had a solo in one of the songs we did yesterday morning and was a wreck, even to the point of having some stomach issues. You know you're loved when you try to discreetly tell the music minister that you're not feeling so hot and having stomach issues and he offers you immodium! It was a good morning! A little wonder pill and I was all better. The song went well and the Lord was glorified through it all.

Last night, Jake and I went out to celebrate our 4th Anniversary, which isn't until Thursday. We did a little babysitting switch-a-roo with Christopher's parents and last night was good for all of us for them to keep the boys. We went back to our roots and had Macaroni Grill. MMMM...We've not had Macaroni Grill since the night before Jake left for Basic Training. Today, of course, we're feeling FAT! Back to the diet grind...

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Jen Dub-ya said...

Wow - that sounds great, jen! I hate to have missed out. Sounds like someone else has replaced me as the immodium queen...and happy early anniversary.

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