Monday, August 6, 2007

Piano Man

Saturday night, Maverick decided he would try his skill at the piano. He did do a little banging, but was more interested in turning the pages in the books in front of him. We tried to get Bailey to sit and play a little duet with him, but we all know that was a train wreck!! As soon as Bailey got on the bench, he was ready to get down.

This has become one of Bailey's favorite places - our bed watching 'tah' or 'choo,' whatever he's in the mood to call it. Thanks to digital cable and PBS Sprout on Demand, Bailey knows he can watch 'Thomas and Friends' any time he wants to watch them. He usually gets in the bed and pulls the covers over him and says 'nite, nite' as I'm getting everything set up for him to watch. He's not rotten at all!

Last night we saw our friends, the Milos, when we took Bailey to our neighborhood playground. They live right across the street from the park so their kids are there all the time! If you remember, when we first moved to El Paso, we went to the Milo's for dinner once and their little boy, Andrew, sprayed Bailey in the face with air freshener. I may not have mentioned that Bailey knocked some pictures or figurines off of their coffee table during that visit, as well. We hadn't seen Andrew in quite a while, but as soon as he recognized Bailey on the playground, he was screaming his name and telling some of his other friends that Bailey was coming up the slide. They didn't know who Bailey was so Andrew told them that Bailey was the one who tore up their house! Gabs, their daughter, made the same comment later when I talked to her. Apparently Bailey is remembered as the destroyer in their house. Andrew must've forgotten his act of terror that night!

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Jen Dub-ya said...

LOL! Love mav at the naner and love bay spoiled in the bed...and title the destroyer! The way kids "remember" things are funny and to some degree can be a reflection of how their folks remember the events least it's true for Emma Grace - mommy must mind her tongue at all times! That reminds me of a story that I need to tell you Mrs. Wade!

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