Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Bye Frins"

We're working to get Bailey in a routine of going to the CDC here at Fort Bliss on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a few hours so he can have social/educational time and so that Mommy can have a little break. One morning I told him he was going to go make some new friends and he immediately started saying "No Frins." Today when I was getting him dressed and putting his shoes on, he started his "No Frins" routine and I told him he didn't have to make friends, but he had to go have fun! As soon as we turn into the parking lot, he starts it again "No Frins." I always have to carry he and Maverick in so I'm sure I'm a sight carrying both of them through the parking lot. Thankfully it's not a very big parking lot!! Bailey does his usual sit on the ground and cry a little as I leave. I walk away and don't think twice about it. There was a soldier there today dropping off his kid in another class and we met at one of the exit doors at about the same time and he just looked sad and said "I hate leaving him." I just smiled back and said, "You've just gotta do it!" Poor guy! Apparently his little boy didn't want to stay either!

What I find amusing about all of this is that as soon as I go to get Bailey and we're getting ready to leave, he starts saying "Bye Frins, Bye Frins." His attitude obviously changes from the time we get there until it's time to go! I just wish I could be a fly on the wall to see how he really acts around the other kids. He never gave me any issues with 'school' at RH! An added bonus to going to get him is that he's super cute pulling his Mack backpack out of the building!

I started a new Bible Study yesterday for mothers and I think I'm going to be in the minority about taking my child to the CDC and not having him with me 24/7. Already from our conversation yesterday, I can tell it's going to be interesting to hear everyone talk about their personal preferences when it comes to child care, schooling, rules, etc. I guess that's always the case when you bring mothers from so many different backgrounds and experiences together. We're all military spouses so at least we have that in common and of course our love for the Lord and desire to grow in our personal relationships with Him.

I guess I've come to realize that I'm not the "SuperMother" that I once aspired to be! For our family, letting Bailey go to the CDC for a few hours a week isn't going to be harmful to him. Bailey needs interaction with other children. I can tell just by his few times of going to the CDC so far that his language skills are getting better and he's starting to say more things that make sense or are understandable. He's willing to do things for other people that I could never coerce him with the best cookie in the world to do for me. I've not given up on helping him learn and discover at home. I've just come to the point where I realize I can't do it all!

I just look forward to the day when he says "Yeah Frins!"


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with a little help when it come to raising children. I had great babysitters, preschools and wonderful christian friends that helped me raise Jake and Josh. I think we all did a pretty good job, because I think they have both turned into good men. We are so proud of them and I know we are going to be so proud of Bailey and Maverick. You are doing a good job and we are proud of you too!

I love you all

AMANDA said...

ALL children need time with other children and an opportunity to become a little more independent. Leaving him for a total of 6-8 hours a week is good for both of you. Having a break allows you to be a better mom! Don't get me started on women who can't see the benefits of others taking care of their children! I spent 10 years in the childcare industry. I'm not saying they are all great, but the good ones are a mother's best friend! I will get off my soap box now. :)

GE is me said...

Jen, I agree with Amanda. I too am a stay at home mom; I knew before I ever got pregnant that I wanted to homeschool my children. But trust me, there are days that I seriously give preschool a thought! I also don't always feel like I'm doing a great job teaching my children different things. My friend's daughter is 3 months younger than Bailey & my girls. Now I know as a parent we aren't suppose to compare our children; but show me a parent who hasn't & I bet their lying. This little girl is head & shoulders above my girls as far as vocab., she knows her colors, shapes & can count to 11. My girls can barely count to 10. However, my girls walked long before she did & are much better w/manual dexterity than she is. So I guess I said all that to say you really can't compare your children(even though we try.) My mom used to tell me that I was writing by the time I was 2 & reading by the time I was 3. I thought for sure I'd be able to do that for my girls. HA!
You are a super mom! Don't for 1 second think you aren't. How many of those moms have 2 boys w/in 2 years of each other? The other thing is to listen openly, take what you agree with & leave the rest. But I'm sure you already know that.
God Bless & stay strong. And remember YOU ARE a super mom!

GE is me said...
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Jen Dub-ya said...

And on the days, you forget that you are in fact a super mom, just walk around the house with your underwear over your clothes because that is what all real super heroes do -- is that superheroes or raving lunatics --- not sure, may have to check - but I know I fit both categories at any given moment -- Chin up and Grins - the other j-dub

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have somewhere that Bailey can go and play! Especially since we don't swap kids anymore.
:-) When does Maverick get to go?!

Grammy said...

Just had to add my confirmation that you are indeed a SUPER MOM. A few hours of childcare are good for all of you. Otherwise, Maverick would never get to be an only child. Just enjoy every minute you have with both boys because it's over before you are ready for them to grow up.

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