Monday, September 3, 2007

Random Pictures

Maverick likes us to help him stand up so he can play with his big brother's Leap Frog activity table. He likes to see the lights and hear the songs play. He thinks he's SO big!!This is a classic "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?" face. He has spent a lot of time playing in the bathroom lately. He's also fallen and busted his head on the side of the tub a few times, too. I'm not sure why he thinks the bathroom is so interesting. If it keeps him occupied and exploring, I guess it'll have to do. I keep the trash can and toilet paper out of his reach.
Poor little thirsty Maverick! So desparate for something to drink that he had to tackle his brother's sippy cup. I guess I should start putting some water in a sippy cup for him to see if he can figure it out. He's fascinated with Bailey's, which of course drives Bailey crazy!
Speaking of Bailey...Mr. Lap of Luxury chilling on the couch watching Shrek 2 for the 1 millionth time since we rented it on Friday night. We told him we were going to see a donkey at the zoo today and he kept saying "No Strek." He says No to EVERYTHING!!!


Jen Dub-ya said...

I love the pics! Bay the couch potato, eh? I will admit Peter Pan is a fantastic downer for EG when she's flying like a kite and I even think OT likes watching it, too, even upside-down. And you shouldn't make that little angel thirst to death, either...poor thing!

Grammy said...

Mav's blond hair is looking a little reddish in these pictures. He is getting so big. Love the picture of Bailey on the couch. Pop wishes he could be there to watch Shrek, too. We might actually be coming to El Paso this weekend. First time since you moved that we will be going to Calif. and we always come back via El Paso. I'll let you know when.

Anonymous said...

I love all these posts. I'm so behind! Happy Anniversary, sorry I missed it. The pictures are all great. Like the slide show too!
Maverick and the cup is hilarious!
miss you.

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