Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Day to Never Forget

I've come to the realization now that I've been near two major news happenings as they were taking place. The first was the Branch Davidian crisis outside of Waco in 1993. Any time I tell people I'm from Waco, they always ask if I was there. I was in a roundabout way. I do remember being able to hear the loud booms of the tanks driving into the compound the day it all went down.

And on September 11, 2001, I was in my first few days working for a government contractor about 3 miles from the Pentagon in Alexandria, VA. I was scanning documents into their electronic filing system when I heard someone say something about the World Trade Center getting hit by a plane. I logged onto NBC's website and saw the replays over and over and remember thinking how could a pilot not see that big building? Then the second plane...and then news that the Pentagon was hit...then came the word that we were leaving for the day. What happened that day was obviously bigger than a pilot swerving off his flight path! It was a long drive down Braddock road as everyone who worked in the DC Metro area was heading home. I can remember walking the 4 flights of stairs to my apartment in shock and wonder about what was really happening. My roommate and I ended up spending the rest of the day at her parent's house in Springfield - because there was comfort in being there with them and they had cable TV, which was a luxury our $1400 a month rent payment didn't allow us to afford! At the time, we did have friends who worked at the Pentagon and spent many days wondering about their safety until we would see them again at church on Sunday. To see a great testimony from a Lt. Col who was at the Pentagon that day and who attended the church I went to in VA - click here. You can also hear their testimony on Family Life Today by clicking here.

To now be a member of the Army family, 9/11's impact on my life is so much greater. We were questioned on numerous occasions why Jake would want to join the Army while we're a nation at war. As I've said many times, it's not really about joining, but about accepting God's call to ministry in this capacity. We want to be givers of hope in an environment where hope seems to fade on a daily basis. We're definitely not perfect people when it comes to this, but we pray that we can be a beacon through every interaction we have with people within our Army community.

Take some time today to pause and pray for our military men and women and for our nations' leaders. Regardless of which side of the political coin you stand on, there are men and women who have volunteered their lives to continue to insure our freedoms here in America.



Anonymous said...

I will never forget that day... our cell phones jammed, trying to get home, then to my parents house.

I'm still sad we missed the prayer service the next night, but I went to every service on 9/11 after that.

I'm glad we were there together... and you were my roomie. :)

Thanks, Jake and Josh, for all you do for our protection and safety we have today. I'm praying for you, Soldiers.


Anonymous said...

When Jake, Jen and Josh told us one night in January almost two years ago that they were joining the military I felt like my heart had been ripped from my body. It was truly one of the worst nights of my life. I knew how hard it would be on all of us. We have always been a very close family and our family had grown with a daughter (no not a daughter-in-law) and a beautiful grandchild. On that night all I could think of was that I was about to lose my whole family. Well that is what happened and it has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through. Thank God since January 17 of this year when Jake left and then January 29 Josh left and the April 1 Jen and the boys left I have been able to accept Gods plan for my children. They are doing what we have raised them to do and that is follow God where ever he leads. They are working to give us our American freedom as well as people's spiritual freedom. I am so very proud of this day when we think about the tragedy that occured in our nation that my family is willing to fight for those freedoms. It is still hard to give them up but I know they are where God wants them to be. I am not the only mom who had to give up her family for our freedom and I am proud to say that my boys are members of the greated army in the world. I am also proud that Jen is willing to love and support Jake in following this calling.


GE is me said...

Jen, nice post. Thank you to you & your family (& extended family)for listening to God, following His will for your life & serving this country so people like me & my family can enjoy & appreciate the freedoms that so many in this country take for granted. (Sorry for the long, run-on sentence!) It is hard to believe it was 6 years ago already. (where has the time gone?)
My husband & I were watching a show on Jonestown the other night. Very interesting/scary that people can be so misguided in what they believe to be the truth.
God help us all.
Praying for the safety of your husband, your brother-in-law & the rest of our country's service men & women. -Gail

AMANDA said...

Wow! You are so right, it really brings it home when you know those who are fighting to ensure our freedom. Thank you, Josh and Jake and Jen for your courage to step out and do what God has asked of you. We love you and are praying for you!

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