Friday, October 19, 2007



Last night, the women in our Brigade got together for an evening of BUNKO. If you've never played BUNKO before, you should try it! It's a great game for any group of people who need a game that requires absolutely NO skill and even the LOSER wins.

BUNKO is a dice rolling game where you work with a partner and try to roll as many of whatever number you're trying to get on that round.
Check out the rules here. The group of women I was with last night played 15 total games and I LOST 12 of them!! That meant I sat at the same table for most of the night. I almost got to move once, but my partner for that game rolled snake eyes (3 1's) and that wiped out all 71 of the points we had gotten that round. It became a big joke when people would sit down at my table and I had nothing but LOSSES. However, when we were finished and awarding prizes, I got a prize for having the MOST LOSSES! Ironically, I also tied for the most BUNKOS!!

Now I've gotta come up with 12 or so of my friends that I can get to come over and play BUNKO at my house!


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Anonymous said...

sounds like fun!

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