Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Business as Usual

Jake's been off work the past 2 days and we've enjoyed him being here so much, but tomorrow we go back to business as usual. Not that there's anything usual about our lives! I've gotta hit the Commissary tomorrow at some point to pick up some necessary groceries to get us through the weekend. I guess I should call and see if Bailey can get back into our CDC schedule, too.

Bailey is growing up so much and changes every day. He's still a 'time bomb' when it comes to responding to random situations. He's really starting to talk alot and for most things I can understand him or at least figure out what he wants. He's gotten great with his letters and I sometimes hear him in his room naming letters on books or on the TV screen. Tonight he wanted Maverick to take a bath with him and kept saying "Bro Bro Bath" and I had to tell him that Maverick was already asleep. He was very disappointed. I guess it's not as fun taking a bath alone when he can entertain Maverick if we put them in the bath tub together. He's also started this little habit of wanting me to lay in bed with him as he falls asleep. Sometimes I give in and I fall asleep in his bed. Last night he was really sweet and any time I'd take my arm off of him, he'd grab it and wrap it back around him. I put footed pjs on him tonight for the first time since we moved here and I could tell he wasn't sure what to think about them. He pulled on the sleeves and then sat down and tried to pull the feet off. He's a silly little thing! But the silliest thing he's done today is his pushups! Jake was outside grilling and if you know Jake, you know he can break into pushups just about anywhere. I looked outside and Jake was doing pushups and Bailey was down on his hands and knees. I told him to do a push up and he laid his body flat on the ground and then just sort of raised his head off the ground a few times. It was so cute! Of course, I've tried to video him doing it and that hasn't happened. We'll catch him in the act soon.


AMANDA said...

I can't wait to see Bailey's version of exercise!! Like everything else he does, I am sure it will be all him!

Anonymous said...

One more thing that he is like his Uncle Josh. He always had trouble doing pushups. Bailey didn't like his long sleeves PJ's the other night when he was here with us. He kept pulling on the sleeve. Please get pictures of those pushups.

Love you all!!

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