Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grocery Memories

Today was restock the cabinets day at our house so the boys and I made a trip to the Fort Bliss Commissary. As an aside, I used to refuse to go to the Commissary, our on post grocery store, because you're required to tip the people who bag your groceries and carry them out to the car. I guess I've grown accustomed to it and it doesn't bother me as much any more. I also didn't know how the kiddos would act and didn't want to make an embarrassment of Jake on post. Not that anyone there cares. These were my old rationales for not shopping at our ultra-convenient grocery store about a mile from our house. I've moved past my excuses and don't mind shopping there at all any more.

As we pulled into the parking lot today, I began to worry about whether or not Bailey would ride in a buggy or resist with much emotion. There weren't any stray buggies around the parking lot so walking to the door with him and Maverick became another concern. However, much to my surprise, Bailey was very cooperative. As a matter of fact, he now associates the Commissary with "ta nacks," that's Thomas Snacks for those who don't speak his particular vernacular. The Commissary normally carries Thomas the Tank Engine gummy fruit snacks and they're relatively cheap so I don't mind buying them. They're also located about halfway through so I can hand him the box so he can admire it for the remainder of our shopping trip.

Anticipating that he would have "ta nacks" in hand shortly after entering the store, he willingly got out of the car, pulled his backpack all the way through the parking lot and into the store. As I went to put him in the buggy, he decided he wanted to ride in one of the buggies that actually has seats facing forward for little people like him. They're a bear to steer and you must make wide turns when operating them, but if they'll make a shopping trip with Bailey a pleasant experience, I can make wide turns!

We had a very uneventful, unemotional trip to the Commissary today. Unfortunately, there weren't any "ta nacks," but "mo nacks" (Nemo Snacks) were a good enough substitute. Now I just get to hear him say "shif" when he eats them!

He was also able to identify his favorite "shcear" (Cereal) in the cereal aisle. He likes Captain Crunch with Crunchberries, but he doesn't get the real stuff, only the $2.00 extra large bag will do at our house! He also pointed out that he wanted "ot dogs" (hot dogs). I didn't intend to buy any as I was attempting to stick to my list today, but when he spotted them next to the lunch meat, he pointed and said "ot dog" and I asked him if wanted some. He clapped his hands and said "YAY!" Who could resist buying "ot dogs" for that sweet reaction!

Having him recognize and point things out is nice, but I fear grocery shopping with him could become even more expensive!


Chris Whisonant said...

"shif"?? oh boy.... let's hope his pronunciation is good!

My Aunt Cassie used to drive to the Commissary in Columbia all the time for groceries, etc...

Anonymous said...

it's a good day when there are no meltdowns (of the kids or me) at the store!

GE is me said...

Jen, the cute things our children say! One of the cereals I buy for our house is honey bunches of oats. It has now become honey boats thanks to the girls!
I don't like when I can't understand them or figure out what they're trying to say.

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