Saturday, October 13, 2007


I meet at 7 pm tomorrow evening (10/14) with the Personnel Committee to discuss the 'opportunity' I mentioned in a previous post. The opportunity is to be the Interim Preschool and Children's minister at FBCEP. I'm excited and anxious and lots of other emotions, plus we're all dealing with some sort of sinusy allergy thing and I'm absolutely exhausted for some reason. I'll blame that on my children who can't seem to get back in a sleeping groove since we returned from SC. Jake has said we can never do that again because the children have morphed into little sleep deprived monsters who can't seem to get back into a good daily routine! Sorry for the digression...So pray for my little meeting/interview tomorrow night. I have a job description in hand that is very doable. There will be a few details to work out, but we're trusting the Lord to lead us and the committee to make the best decision for our family and for my ministry to children in HIS church.

Since it's Saturday I have to mention the Auburn Tigers who squeeked out a very ugly win against the Razorbacks tonight. War Eagle! Contrary to what the Wade boys have predicted, the Tigers may win enough games to be bowl eligible, after all!


Anonymous said...

We are praying for you. I hope things go well!

Love you

GE is me said...

Sooo, how did the interview go???
Well, I hope & pray.

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