Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You're Dying from the Suspense, Aren't You?

So, Saturday I told you I had an interview/meeting on Sunday and it's now Tuesday and I've not blogged or said another word about the interview/meeting.

The i/m went well and the personnel committee voted to recommend to the deacons that I be hired as the Interim Preschool and Children's Minister at FBCEP. All you Baptist peeps out there know that the deacons now have to vote and then a proposal will be made to the congregation and they'll have to vote and have the official Yes or No. So, the earliest I'll know for positive is like the first week of November. I'll keep you posted!


GE is me said...

Gotta love church politics, huh?
That almost sounds like an oxymoron.
What do I know? Glad things went well!

Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

You've got my vote!!

Anonymous said...

good for you! hope the waiting isn't too bad.

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