Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Look at the two little diaper butts sharing big brother's toys. Maverick wants to be doing whatever Bailey is doing and he LOVES playing with his toys.
Maverick is moving into sippy cup world. He's always been fascinated with Bailey's so I started letting him have water in his own little cup and he puts on quite a show putting it in his mouth.
Maverick and Bailey rode to the park last week in their new wagon. While Bailey whined because I wouldn't stand out in the sun and push him in the swing (bad mommy), Maverick sat back with his bottle with a straw and enjoyed a little snack!
Once again, Bailey falls asleep eating his lunch. I think he's starting to get back to normal with his sleeping routine. No fuss last night and he stayed in his room until I opened the door at 8 this morning! Yeah!!

Where's Maverick? He's a sneaky little thing. He crawled back behind the chair while I was sitting there and stood up between the table and wall. He was going for the lamp cord! He's my little electrician!


Anonymous said...

These are great thanks so much for sharing. Glad the sleeping thing is going better. We sure miss all of you. Keep those pictures coming.

We love you!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Whisonant said...

Awesome! So why don't you just get Maverick one of those hats that he can just sip from? :) Can't believe Bailey is still falling asleep at tables - too funny!

Anonymous said...

The boys are soooo cute!

OK - what is the name of that bottle, and where do I get one? It would be almost like having an extra hand and I could really use that right now!

Miss you -

Grammy said...

They are both so beautiful it makes me cry to look at them!! That picture of Maverick behind the table is just too cute.

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