Sunday, October 7, 2007

More Travel Drama!

The lights of El Paso have never been as beautiful as they were last night as we flew into the wonderful city that we call home. The boys were sacked out on top of me and I just gazed out the window reflecting on the day that began with what might have been disaster.

On our flights to SC, Bailey refused to put his seatbelt on in the plane so we had to make arrangements for someone to hold Maverick so I could hold Bailey. Never once was this an issue on all 3 of our flights! I was prepared to start scoping those Maverick holders out as we began our day of travel yesterday.

As we boarded our first flight from CLT to BWI, Bailey and I had been assigned seats that weren't next to each other so I needed to get that straightened out. Then, I was told that I had to sit in an even row because that's where the infant life vests were, but apparently only on the aisle seat. So I was in the seat the flight attendant wanted me in and had made arrangements for the woman across from me to hold Maverick. We were ready to go until the anal retentive, by the book, flight attendant informed me that Bailey HAD to be in his own seat and that the lady across from me couldn't hold Maverick for various reasons. We pull away from the gate and I get all this information and am attempting to hold Maverick and force Bailey who is kicking, screaming and squirming out of his seat belt. Another flight attendant came and looked at Bailey and told him he had to sit in his seat. Like that was going to work!
Did I mention my tears?

So, they stopped the plane and called the pilot to tell him there was a child who was unwilling to sit in his seat on the plane. Eventually, the pilot came back and stroked my arm and assured me I was doing everything right. Another woman offered to move seats so she was sitting in an even row with a life vest so she could hold Maverick. The pilot went back to consult with the flight attendant about the issue and it came down to Bailey being OVER 2. Apparently the regulation is that any child over 2 must sit in their own seat. The pilot walked back to me and looked at me eye to eye and said "I just need you to tell me that he's 18 months." I looked back at him and said "He's 18 months." The pilot smiled and off we journeyed into the wild blue yonder, about 30 minutes later than our departure time. The irony in it all is that Bailey fell asleep and I was able to buckle him in to his seat belt before we left the runway!

Even though my time on that flight was emotional and one of the most horrible experiences of my life to date, the Lord used it to remind me of the GRACE He gives us so freely. He knows that I can never live up to His standard, but has provided His perfect grace to cover the difference. He makes up the 12 months we needed for Bailey to be able to sit on my lap. He provided a pilot who's willing to overlook a regulation so that a mommy could travel home with her 2 babies to be back with their daddy.

I really am in awe of how significant the smallest things are when I think about His perfect plan for me. He knew yesterday I needed to be on the plane with that particular pilot so that we weren't removed from that plane to come up with an alternative travel plan home.

On our other 2 flights yesterday, I got the brilliant idea to strap Maverick into the seat with the seat belt while I held Bailey. Never was his age an issue with any other flight attendant!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you made it home! The Lord provides. Any security problems?
It was so good to see you again. Hope adjusting to being back at home goes smoothly for you. :-)
Miss You,

Anonymous said...

Putting you on that plane yesterday was so hard because I knew it was going to be hard and I prayed all day that things would go very well. My prayers were not answered exactly as I wanted but they were answered. I prayed that the Lord would but good people in your path that would help you make it through this difficult day and he did. Tonight I will thank God for a pilot and a passenger and I will pray that someday when I am on a plane I can be that passenger. Jen I want to thank you so much for coming and giving us this time with you and the boys. It was at a time that we both needed you all so much but especially Benny. We will ever be grateful. Next time we will know how to hopefully avoid a lot of this. We love you all very much!!!!

GG & Paw

Jen Dub-ya said...

I am so glad you are home, dear-heart, He sure does pour grace over us, doesn't He? As I've said before, I am the wretch, the song refers to. Much love and hopefully rest!

Grammy said...

Like GG, I prayed that the flights would be uneventful, but sometimes God's answer isn't what we expected. I'm certainly thanking God for that particular pilot. Maybe somebody on that plane, who we will never meet or know about, needed to see that drama unfold for some reason. Glad you are home safe. I have a box on the way full of Old Navy and Gap!!

Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

I'm glad all worked out too. Another awesome example and reminder to pray for His will and not ours. And I am excited to know that there are a few compassionate folks in commercial aviation still out there. Welcome home!

GE is me said...

Jen, I saw your post the other day about changing tix & flying out of Atlanta & thought about it after the fact. Just wondering what they would've done to you if you just skipped those 2 flights & showed up in Atl.?
It sounds like you had a good visit, but there is never anything as nice as being home & sleeping in your own bed. Not to mention getting back on a regular schedule. :)
Glad you had a safe trip!

Karen said...

You are WAY braver than I am. I can barely make it through the store with my kids!

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