Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No Service

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We're in SC and for some reason I can't log into my blog to post at the Wades and we have limited wireless signal here at the beach so I'm trying to get this on here as fast as I can. Our trip out wasn't very fun. Let's just say Bailey and the Fasten Seatbelt sign are not friends! If not for some kind people willing to hold Maverick for take off and landing, we would've been escorted off the plane in Atlanta and Baltimore. Not fun!! We're having a good time getting to see family and friends here, but we're ready to get home to our own beds! Maverick is having a hard time sleeping so I'm having a hard time sleeping! Bailey's done alright, but he did fall off the bed here at the beach condo last night and has been waking up before 7 am every day. That's pre 5 am to my body so you can imagine the exhaustion that I'm fighting.

I called last night to see if I could skip the first two legs of our flights home and was informed it would cost me $491.50 per ticket - That's $983 just to skip two legs of a flight I've already paid for so that we fly straight from Atlanta to El Paso and avoid going back through security in Baltimore! Since I'm obviously not going to pay an additional $983, I will probably have lost most of my mind by the time I get off the plane Saturday night. At least I can be better prepared knowing I have to go back through security with the two kids at BWI!

There are more stories to come....I miss my computer closet!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh man!! I was worried about that with the flights. You're right, knowing about security and all that will make it a bit better; no surprises.

GE is me said...

Jen, I'll be praying for strength & peace.

Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

Airline pricing strategy is a mystery to me too after 30 years in the business. Hope your flight home was less hectic.

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