Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Packed, but not Ready!

We're mostly packed except for the essentials that I'll need to make myself presentable in the morning. I'm having nightmares of toting my children and the myriad of STUFF I've packed for on plane entertainment purposes through 2 airports by myself. I'm also not able to check in online so I'll be standing in line waiting for my boarding passes in the morning, which is probably good because then I can make sure Mav's name is actually on it for this trip. That'll save me the breakdown I had at the security checkpoint in May when we flew to Waco. I'm praying the boys will sleep most of the first leg of the trip and that Bailey will be well entertained with his new Thomas magnetic book that I bought him the other day and the alphabet flip chart I got to reinforce the wonderful job he's doing of recognizing his letters. He can even spell KIA, wonder why?? I do have the dvd player charged and packed, but since Bailey may not realize I even have it I can pull that out when I need the BIG GUNS! I even moved our carry on stuff to a bigger bag so that I could squeeze in 2 Thomases! If he wants to take Mack, he'll just have to carry him cause there's 'no room in the inn' for him. We'll see what he thinks about at 5 AM! Good night and I'll catch you guys from the East Coast.

1 comment:

Jen Dub-ya said...

So what day do I need to pray for you as you return to El Paso hopefully, with your sanity and two children intact?

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