Sunday, November 4, 2007

Grab a Kleenex or 2

I ran across this story tonight while browsing some blogs and wanted to share with all of you. Grab a kleenex! It's an amazing story and a reminder to me that God is the orchestrator of all of the events of our lives. His purposes and plans are so much bigger than we can fathom. He knows where we need to be and when we need to be there in order for His perfect will to be accomplished. It all sounds so cliche', but it's so very true as this one guy's life demonstrates. See it here.


Jen Dub-ya said...


Anonymous said...

I didn't read it when I saw what it was. A couple of Saturdays ago we were watching Game Day on ESPN as we always do in honor of Josh. They told this story and they talked to all the people that received his organs. They also talked to the parents and they showed the meeting of his parents with all of the receiptants of his organs and their families. Of course you know Benny and I sobbed. It is one of the most wonderful stories I have ever heard. I am glad you shared it even though I just couldn't read it. I just can't imagine.

Love you!

GE is me said...

I can't say anything more than Jen did. WOW!


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