Sunday, November 4, 2007

It Lingers

The Stomach Yuck continues to linger around our house. Jake woke up with it yesterday and the boys both were having issues last night and this morning. Jake went to the field this afternoon armed with Imodium and the boys have been 'clean' since this morning so I'm hoping we're going to be getting back to normal around here! Praise the Lord! This crazy bug has been going around El Paso. Just about everyone I've talked to in the past week has either had it or someone in their family has. I hope it's on its way west on I-10 to California.

The big churchwide vote was this morning and I've not heard any news yet. I had to make an appearance in all 3 services and then left before the actual raise of hands or whatever they did. Maybe I'll know the outcome tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

I've spent most of the afternoon going through months of Parenting and Parents magazines ripping out projects or info that I think might be useful at some point in my life so that I can declutter my magazine box. I mainly rip out cute crafts and yummy looking recipes. If there's a website or product that I'd like to check out or research, I'll rip the pages with that info out, too. I have also found a great blog done by Parents Magazine - Check out Goodyblog,
here or click the Goodyblog button on my list of blogs that I read. They're in the middle of doing some toy giveaways so I've entered a few times, along with 800 other people. They also have some cool ideas on there like this giant cupcake cake.

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Cindy said...

this applies to all your posts.
i hate the stomach yuck!! glad you seem to be on the mend. i have used something i found at target called 'kids and pets' to get smells out. arm n hammer powder works too, even plain baking soda works. if the area is dry sprinkle it on and let it sit for a while, then vacuum up. it's worth a try. :-)

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