Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bound to Happen

Right after we moved into our new house, I made the observation that it would be very easy to get locked out of this house because all the exterior doors have deadbolts and the little twisty locks on the knobs. If the twisty locks are locked and you're outside - OOPS - too bad, so sad!

Today, I was the victim of the always locked doors! I hung the wreath on the front door and walked outside to see what it looked like, closed the door and my life began standing still! I went to open the door to go back inside and IT'S LOCKED! I ran around to the backdoor hoping that it wasn't locked since I had let Bailey play outside for a little while this morning. You guessed it, IT'S LOCKED, too! So I'm standing at the back door, which is a glass door that I can see through, banging and screaming at Bailey to come and open the door from the inside. If you know Bailey at all, you know he was very uncooperative. As a matter of fact, he just stood on the couch watching me and watching "Go, Go." I'm sure I was a sight to anyone who could see or hear me, which would only have been construction workers. I was screaming my head off trying to get Bailey to open the door and getting oh so irritated at him. Maverick even came and looked at me through the glass. He would've opened the door for me if he could've reached the knob, I'm sure!

I tried to pull screens off windows to no avail. I tried to kick the back door hard enough to break it open. NOTHING! The only option I had in my mind was to break a window and I was preparing myself to do it. After all, I'm outside and my babies are inside! A mother will do anything, right.

I decided to just try every door I could get to again. So I went back to the front door and kicked it a couple of times and it swung open. Praise the Lord! I came inside and had a little talk with Bailey about not helping Mommy in her time of need. He wasn't very receptive and I think he could care less that I was locked outside. He had snacks, 'cha milk' and Diego. He didn't need me! If his cup had run dry, he might've considered opening the door for me.

After this fiasco, I have a new rule. The garage door will always remain raised when I'm at home during the day. I have made it a point to never lock the interior garage door. If I hadn't been such a fun mommy and let Bailey push the button to close the garage door after we turned in our keys to our other house, I could've avoided these moments of panic.

The irony in it all is that I'm not sure I ever even put the key to the old house in the door to open it. We always left our doors open and never thought anything of it. I would leave this one open, too, but we're in a construction zone so there are still lots of strangers in and out of our little neighborhood.

We bid good bye to Snow St today, but I think I'm going to go and dig up some of the ivy from the front of that house to plant around the wall at the new house. No one else is ever going to live there and the ivy is just going to go 'kaboom' with the rest of the house eventually. We'll just consider it my contribution to 'going green' and saving the planet. Al Gore would be proud of this non-green concerned citizen!


Erin said...

Oh, I feel your pain! We have those kind of locks on all our doors and my DH teased me about locking myself out...until he did it too. Last week our 7 year old went out into the garage to feed the dog and locked herself out there...while I was outside checking the mail. The poor thing was hysterical by the time I found her! We are doing the same thing...just not locking the garage door. You could also hide a spare key somewhere outside.

Jen Dub-ya said...

GIRL! I think that is one of my biggest fears --- besides locking the kids in the car! Oh, wait, you did that, too. You know you love me --- love you, too - and Santa needs to buy you a hide-a-key.

Sundi said...

Okay, I totally laughed my head off at your story, because I can so see that happening with Ryleigh and Zander! I'm so glad you got in, though! Once I got locked out of an apartment in my robe and underwear on a third story balcony (laundry was out in a closet on the balcony). Not knowing what to do, I had to stand up there in freezing winter temperatures until I finally saw a maintenance guy to help me out. I could hear him laughing the whole way up to my apartment.

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