Thursday, December 6, 2007

Several Newbies

Today, Grammy and Pop stopped through the great city of El Paso on their way East from California and their timing couldn't have been better! I'm sure they're thinking that, too.

You see, last Thursday, we bought a new TV stand of sorts that doesn't have a case that goes all the way around the TV to hide the ugly back of it. Until Tuesday, we had our 19" flat screen TV from our bedroom on it. When we put the big TV on it, we noticed that the back of our TV is slightly discolored. What should be silvery grey is more like mossy green. It looked hideous. As we went to bed last night, we decided maybe we should look into getting a new TV. Merry Christmas to Jake! Then we got to thinking....Grammy and Pop are coming to town! Maybe we can talk them into a new TV for Christmas.

So as soon as we got in the car, I started in telling how Jake wanted a new TV for Christmas. We weren't even looking at all out flat screens. We had decided on a Samsung Slimline that wasn't completely flat on the back, but was only 16" deep. After I told Grammy that I was willing to sacrifice my Christmas cash, too, for the new TV we went on the hunt.

We ended up at Best Buy where we knew they had the Samsung Slimline. After talking with a not so helpful, not so friendly sales girl, we talked ourselves into a full out flat screen 32" TV. Then the girl tried to convince us we didn't want the brand we picked out and of course told us how much we needed to get the extended warranty. I think she was just peeved with us because she had gotten a price on another TV for us and we decided on one completely different with a very visible price.

Thank you Grammy and Pop for our new TV! Grammy (my mother) says now any time we ask her for anything or tell her we need something, her automatic response is going to be TV!!! She even says that when the boys say they need a new bike or need a new game or whatever that she's going to tell them TV!!! I can see her saying that to us, but not to those 2 precious boys with big eyes and sweet little smiles. Can you?

The other newby I want to tell you about is my friend
Sundi! She's the Youth Minister's wife at FBCEP (I hope I haven't given away too much of her identity!). She's been a huge blessing to me already and she's only been in EP since August. We have lots in common! She's cheap. She's musical. She's a blogger. She has children who are just over a year apart. She's even an all out degreed librarian! I never made it that far, but she might inspire me to finish my degree one day. Go visit Sundi or Lynn or whatever her name is today and tell her you're my friend!


Anonymous said...

I read some of Sundi's blog and you do sound like you are both a lot alike. Your writings are a lot alike. I like the part about your VP eating out of the pot. I have tried his whole life to break him from doing that but never did. I thought maybe you could but I guess not. We love him anyway though. Congrats on the new TV. Grammy and Pops did good!! That will be good to watch the Auburn games on.

Love you all!!!

Grammy said...

Shopping for anything with Bailey and Maverick is an adventure. But we actually managed to go through K-Mart and Best Buy with them. I can't imagine how Jen does it without Grammy & Pop or at least two other adults to help. I'm just glad we were able to get the HD TV because I'm sure there's nothing better than Thomas the Train in Hi Def!!!

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