Friday, December 7, 2007

Dress Up

This is my 200th post!Today is also my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!

We had a Missionfest at church last night and I had to do a display on the Middle East so Jake loaned me this thobe and head dress for my display. After church, he put it on and put the head dress on. As he was putting the head dress on, Bailey got this kitchen towel and started wrapping it around his head. It was super cute so we had to get a picture!

Maverick is enjoying his new "I'm the Boss" toy that I won on Goodyblog.


Anonymous said...

Kinda scarey, Jake looks like the real thing. Love Bailey putting the towel on his head although I am surprised he put anything on his head.


Grammy said...

Like GG, I was surprised that he put something on his head, and even more surprised that he stood still for a picture!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday grammy!
Glad to see all the pictures... so excited for you guys and the house!
What is your street address now?

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