Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Boys' Rooms #2

I didn't have space to upload pictures of Maverick's room on my last post so he gets a post all to himself - for once!! Finally he has something that's JUST HIS!

The view from the door. I need to adjust the letters on the wall because they're not spaced out very well. The C was added as an afterthought because it's been dropped and broken into 3 different pieces on 2 occasions - once by Bailey and once by me as I was hanging it! I wasn't sure if I would be able to find all the pieces so I hung the M and W without it. It's amazing what a little super glue can do!You can see the vent on the groudn by the little rocking chair. Much like a fireplace does in a living room, the vent and the windows just about kill the usefulness of that whole wall. I had the crib over the vent at one point, but decided it might be blocking heat a little too much so I moved it!When I moved the bed so that it was next to the blanket hanging on the wall, I knew that Maverick would pull it down. Sure enough just a second ago when I went to get him from his nap, he had it in his hand. I may have to relocate it now that I rearranged the furniture!

Finally, his dresser! Exciting, I know :o)

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of house pictures! There'll be more to come since I'll have to get this place into tip top shape by Friday.


Jen Dub-ya said...

Is it really weird for Bay's stuff to be totally Mav's? It's weird for me to use Eg's for Ollie...besides the obvious reason. =) The rooms are too cute. Wish I could help you break things. =)

Grammy said...

I thought this whole vehicle theme was so cute when we got it for Bailey, and it still looks great. I'm sure Maverick wakes up every day and admires the way everything matches in his room!!

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