Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Boys' Rooms

Yesterday afternoon I got super motivated to get the boys' rooms completed which involved hanging curtains and rearranging furniture in both rooms and massive cleaning/organizing in Bailey's. In the process, I forgot to do a few things I needed to do like call Suzanne back (Sorry Suz!), take a meal to our friends Summer and Frank who just welcomed baby #3 last week (Sorry Puleos!), and call one of my children's committee members back about a little outing we're working on (Sorry Kyla!). The good news is that both boys' rooms were cleaned and picture ready. I obviously have some phone calls to make today, but that'll have to wait until the guy finishes cleaning our couch and chair and gets his loud machine out of the house. After you see pics of the boys' rooms hopefully all that I forgot to do yesterday afternoon can be forgiven!!!

This is the view of Bailey's room from the door. You can see one of Thomas' eyes and the curtains courtesy of Grammy. There's also the Thomas couch that Bailey thinks is the greatest thing. It was provided courtesy of GG and Paw Wade. There's a button on it that plays the super annoying Thomas Theme Song! It also has wheels that actually spin. Not sure how long it will last the 2 year old abuse!Here is the much anticipated Thomas Bed Cover thingy. It really did turn out to be just as cute as it was in the pictures. Here's a wall hanging Grammy worked on. It's a little bit crooked, but that's how the material is printed. Bailey doesn't care and not many people go into Bailey's room so I'm about the only person that the crooked hanging can drive nuts! Then there's the TV wall! I need to get a few more canvas cubes to put in the cubby holes and a smaller light bulb for the Thomas lamp on the dresser.

All in all, Bailey's room is pretty cute! The only thing that might make it better is a little paint on the walls, but that's not allowed in this house.


Jen Dub-ya said...

Very cute! Emma Grace wants to know when she can come over and play Thomas the train with Bay-wee again. And when can mommy come over and play with Mrs. Jen, too? I need to work on that Christmas miracle, don't I? And I need to find EG's big sister pic frame from Sheri...It has disappeared - but I really think it's just still in a big box labeled...picture mess. =)

Grammy said...

Bailey's room looked nothing like that when I was there a few days ago. I'd love to see the closet!! Can you say Fibber McGee?? Only really old timers will get that joke.

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