Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Get Back!

Bailey has a new phrase and I'm not sure where he got it from unless he's copying us. Maybe we tell him to "Get Back!" more than we realize. Now, any time someone gets close to his stuff, he says "Giht Baaah!" Sometimes he puts his hand out like he's signaling a stop. I just hope he doesn't say this little phrase to the wrong person and end up in lots of trouble.

He's been so good the past couple of times I've dropped him off at the CDC while I went to work. He pulls his backpack in, helps me drop off "Bro," walks to his room and joins his class without a fight. I've been so proud of him and even took him to Sonic yesterday for a half price Apple Juice Slush.

Maverick is so close to being a walker! He just needs to do it. He's got great balance and has started taking an occasional independent, no holding on step. Maybe by the end of the month he'll get it! Can you believe that he'll be a year old on Friday?

In other news and maybe this is a request for prayer for a miracle since I'm sure you all remember our last airplane experience! We have tickets to go to SC for a visit at the end of April - all 4 of us!! There's been a little bit of drama getting all the tickets because Airtran didn't process Jake's ticket correctly so it messed up our Rewards credits. I had to call this morning to make sure we didn't lose the credits for good. Thankfully the girl was able to process the ticket over the phone and apply our credits for the departure flight and now we're all set.


Sundi said...

It's so cute when they start speaking their minds! Your kiddos are so cute. I feel for you and the plane trip...we're probably making one in February, so maybe we should share some tips for making it through!

Cindy said...

It'll be fun to see you all!

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