Sunday, January 6, 2008

Beautiful Baby

Saturday I found a link on a random blog about the Most Beautiful Baby contest that Parenting Magazine sponsors that includes a trip to NYC for the top 10 finalists! I'm now very hung up on the fact that Maverick is the Most Beautiful Baby alive so Saturday we had a little photo shoot. Here are some of our shots! Not sure we have the winner yet, but we're getting close.


Karen said...

He's cute, buy not as cute as my boys... just kidding! (I do think my kids are cute) I LOVE THE pictures.. I think you have a good chance of winning! Is that the one that goes to Regis and Kelly?

Grammy said...

Grammy & Pop were so excited to see that top tooth!! Did all three come in? He is a living doll. Can't wait to see him again up close and personal.

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