Friday, January 4, 2008

A Visit with Santa

We had our first 2 boy visit with Santa the week before Christmas and as you can probably imagine, I was a little apprehensive about how Bailey, my very strong willed and quite opionated 2 year old, would respond. I wanted the whole process to move as quickly as it possibly could. Once we put Maverick in Santa's lap and Bailey was defiant about standing there, I told the girl to just take Maverick's picture. No biggy! As soon as Bailey realized Maverick was having his picture made, he amazingly walked into the picture and stood there by Santa's lap. The girl snapped a few more quick pictures and this is what we ended up with. By this point, Maverick was finished with Santa, who wasn't working with us to keep Maverick sitting in his lap! You can see Maverick has done the "I'm done with this process" slither down Santa's leg. Except for the price of buying the pictures with Santa, all in all, the experience wasn't too bad!


Cindy said...

that's a great one. I have one of myself crying on santa's lap when i was young.
maverick is just hangin' out.

Sundi said...

I was not brave enough for Santa this year, so I admire your courage and look how cute the picture is! Zander is a master at the "slither"!

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