Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fun Article for Moms

Props to Ainsley at Restonbaby for the tip on this fun article from Parents! #12 is my obvious favorite and most relatable since I'm the mother of 2 wild and crazy little boys. Walk into For Every Season at the Fort Mill Armory and you'll know exactly how unequal the clothing options for girls and boys are!

I just got very exciting news by looking at For Every Season's website - We're going to be in Fort Mill the weekend of the sell! Can you believe that? Rock on!!! Get your checkbook ready, GG!


Anonymous said...

I already knew that. Oh what fun!!! I am pumped and ready. Bring extra suit cases. Can't wait!!!


Grammy said...

I hope Grammy gets in on some of this action, too!! I'd love to visit the big sale. I might even bring my checkbook!!!

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