Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter From West Texas!

I had lots of mixed emotions going into today about various things. Easter Sunday was our first day to visit FBC EP last year so today was a reminder of that day last year when I really missed Fort Mill! I've been on the verge of tears all day thinking about 'home.' I really had to attempt to hide this morning at church for fear of the floodgates opening up. So if you passed me in the hall today and I didn't speak, please don't be offended! I was dealing with an internal mess!!!

The boys were way cute today and daddy even wore his coordinating white shirt! We tried to get a picture of the three of them and you can just imagine where that went. Here's the best we got of the little boys. I'm not sure what big boy was threatening Mr. 3 with!

I did get Bailey to take this picture before we took off the white shirt and headed for bed!

As a substitute for a good picture, I did get a cute video of Bailey and Maverick playing in the 'Zone,' our cool room we use for Children's Worship. Mr. Mav is a walking machine!

Pray for our the Whisonants today as Jen's mom undergoes surgery this morning! Read more here.


Grammy said...

Love the guayabera shirts!! Those would be perfect for the Mexican fiesta reunion we are planning. I'm glad they were having such a great time in the video, but I couldn't figure out what was so exciting!! I guess all that wide open space to run around in.

Anonymous said...

All three of my boys look great for Easter Sunday. I know how you feel being lonesome for home because I was very lonesome for all of you yesterday. Melissa White and I had a big pitty party yesterday at church. They took Emily and Davis back to Kansas week before last. It is hard on everybody being seperated. Thanks for the video. Maverick has certainly got the hang of the walking thing. Does he always laugh while he walks?

Love you all!!!

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