Friday, March 7, 2008

I Wuh oo, Bro

2 days ago, I got Bailey to tell Maverick that he loved him. It was so sweet and was the first time those sweet words flowed off his lips. I was putting Maverick to bed when Bailey walked into his room. I asked Bailey, "Can you say I love you, brother?" Much to my surprise, he echoed back "I wuh oo, Bro." I about collapsed into tears. Of course I had to see if he would tell ME that he loved me and he did! That was his 'one and done' for me!

Last night as I was putting Maverick to bed I walked into Bailey's room and told him to give Maverick a kiss and tell him "Night, Night." He did just as I instructed - slobbery kiss and a sweet "Night, Night, Bro!" Then I asked him again if he could tell Brother that he loved him and sure enough he said "I wuh oo, Mav!"

Apparently he loves brother more than he loves mommy and daddy because he's a lot more willing to dole out sweet words to him than to us. I guess he has to start somewhere!


AMANDA said...

Nothing gets you like tender moments between your kids. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing sweeter than to hear your babies tell each other I love you. It still thrills me when I hear Jake and Josh say I love you to each other. We should always remind each other how much we love each other.

I love you all!!!!!

Sundi said...

How sweet! I love those moments when our kids are loving towards one another. My favorite is that Ryleigh makes a "fort" for Zander to hide in while I'm vacuuming. (He's terrified of the vacuum for some reason.) She'll sit in there with him, hold his hand, and tell him "it's okay -- I'm here with you." I get teary just thinking about it!

Cindy said...


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