Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Replacements Needed

My house is becoming the killing fields for small appliances! It all began with my iron dripping something onto a shirt I was ironing. I'm beginning to think me owning this particular shirt just isn't meant to be. I bought the shirt from Old Navy about a month ago. The first time I started ironing it to wear to church, I noticed there was a couple of little holes and pulls at the bottom of the shirt. So I decided to return it. When I returned it, it was on sale so I got an identical shirt for like $4 less. Then, I started ironing the new shirt to attempt to wear it again and my iron dripped some discolored liquid on it. To the laundry it went! The 3rd time I tried to iron this same shirt, the iron spit out these little black flecks that looked like pepper, but they didn't come off with a wet rag. To the laundry it went, again!! So I have this shirt that I've never worn and it's been returned once and washed twice. Hence, the overwhelming evidence tells me I need to replace my iron!

Sunday night, while I was being the sweet wife that I am sometimes, I noticed that the silver coating on the beaters of my hand mixer that I bought at a yard sale for $1.50 when I was in college had started to wear off. I told Jake that I needed to get a new hand mixer. I don't use it that often so it's not a huge necessity. As I was beating the cream cheese icing for the cake, one of the beaters quit turning. Hence, the overwhelming evidence tells me I need to replace my hand mixer!

I guess all things need to be replaced at some point. Right now I'm just glad that it's small, minor appliances that don't cost very much! I did think the microwave was going to blow up a few weeks ago, but I think I had just sprayed a little bit of cleaner on the bulb or something!
Jake told me Saturday night that it's time for me to replace a pair of brown slip on loafers that I wear all the time. He says they look like grandma shoes! He says he's going to go buy their replacement himself since I'm too cheap and picky. I think he'll probably personally deliver the pair he hates to Goodwill!

I guess replacements aren't so bad!


Jen Dub-ya said...

Replacements aren't so bad - I think the best 'replacement' was our new bedroom furniture when we moved here --- our bedroom furniture before was mine that I'd had since I was 8 years old --- 20 years with the same set - woo-hoo, and that blouse thing would have driven me over the edge!

Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

Ha ha... Oh for the days when only the appliances quick working. With me now it's the knees, and the mind, and the eyes that are on the fritz. Oh well, who said growing old is for sissies. Congrats to Jake on the marathon time. The cake sounds delicious. Where can I find the recipe?

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