Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where Da's Car?

What began as a wild goose chase to the lower parts (and sketchier parts) of El Paso ended with a totally whacko outcome!

Friday we were supposed to go pick up our treadmill at Sears, but as is usually the case with us, it hasn't been delivered yet and may be ready on Wednesday. We'll see about that! While sitting there waiting to be told the treadmill isn't at the store, we saw one of those little car selling newspapers and someone was advertising an F150 Super Crew, Jake's dream truck, for an outrageously cheap price. Since we had time to kill, we decided to go find this place. I knew where the street was so Jake followed me - we were in 2 cars because the treadmill and the kids won't all fit in one car. We ended up getting caught in a little bit of border crossing traffic - that's an indication to where we were looking for this F150 Super Crew crazy good deal.

We ended up not finding the place advertising the truck and since most of the other car lots on that street were shady to say the least, we just headed back home. By the time we got home, Jake had decided that he was going to trade in his Yukon for something more fuel efficient. Where we live now it's not a huge issue, but we're not sure where the Lord is going to take us after our commitment to our unit at Fort Bliss is over. I think the prospect of $4 plus for gas in the next 8 weeks has him a little anxious about how much it will cost to fill up the Yukon.

After some discussion, debate and internet searching, we decided Jake would go yesterday morning to see what was out there. You have to remember that we've made a grand total of 3 payments on the Yukon!! After he was gone for a little while, he called me and asked me what I would think of a Chevy Malibu. It's his car, but I obviously have to drive it on occasion. At one point, he was talking about getting one of these little very fuel efficient go cart things and I just couldn't get past the thought of Bailey and Maverick sitting in their car seats in the back seats with their knees in their chests! The Malibu has much better leg room!

A little while later, he's banging on the back door to get in. Bailey is screaming and laughing and obviously not capable of letting him in! I knew he wasn't in the Yukon because he didn't have his garage door opener. He brought the Malibu home for me to test drive.

(If you look closely, you can see our UNC flag blowing in the breeze!! San Antonio, anyone?)

So yes, we're the proud owners of a fuel efficient Chevy Malibu! I have to sheepishly admit that I'm sad that we don't have the Yukon. I loved it! I really did. It's just a car, right? Right! After we became the owners of the Malibu, we got to talking about how many different cars we've owned between the two of us in our almost 5 years of marriage - 7! We've had 7 different cars!! We started out with my Saturn SC3 and his Oldsmobile Cutlass. We moved on from there to the Ford Focus and the Isuzu Rodeo. Then came the Kia Sedona and the GMC Yukon and yesterday we moved onto the Chevy Malibu. Maybe a few cars down the road, I'll be blogging about my BMW Z4 Roadster!

Bailey's a little confused. Every time he goes to the garage, he says "Where's da's car?"


Nikki said...

Okay, so I was just getting used to the idea of your "high speed" Yukon, isn't that what Jake calls cool things?? I couldn't remember.

GE is me said...

Oh my goodness! We've had a grand total of 4 cars between us since we've been married. Came into the marriage w/an OLD saturn & hyundai; the saturn was dying a slow painful death so we moved into a mini-van, & when mom passed away we inherited her car & gifted the hyundai to someone.

On a similar note, I was reading part of the newspaper today & saw where they came out w/a hybrid yukon. The article stated that it gets "better than 20 mpg" - a whole whopping 22/23 mpg. It cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

It is just another Wade thing sort of like the underwear fetish. We also had 7 cars before we were married 5 years. I am sad I never even got to see the Yukon. Paw wants to get rid of the Suburban but I said no because my babies need a big safe car to ride in. How would we come get you all at the airport if we didn't have the Suburban. ONLY 24 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!


Grammy said...

GG could have left out the underwear fetish comment!! LOL That belongs on a whole different kind of blog. I guess Kirby and I were lucky to get a ride in the Yukon the week you bought it. The first car I ever bought as an adult was a Chevy Malibu!! It was a yucky green color and didn't even have air conditioning, but I felt like I was driving a tank after having a VW for two years.

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