Friday, April 25, 2008

No Major Drama

Today is LT's 30th Birthday!! Happy Birthday, Love! We're finally checking the same age group box again.

For everyone wondering, we made it to SC in one piece. I don't have any major drama stories to share. I did tell Jake that driving to Phoenix to catch our flight was a big mistake about an hour into the 6.5 hour drive there. We pulled out of our driveway at 5:06am. I was absolutely exhausted and didn't know how I was going to survive a very long day! I could barely stay awake and was afraid to doze off in the car because Jake said that he was exhausted. We stopped in Deming, NM to change diapers and the boys' clothes and get some breakfast at Mickey D's. Then I drove to Tucson where we stopped for snacks and a bathroom break. Jake took us from there to the airport.

Bailey was so excited to ride the bus from the economy parking garage to the terminal. He grinned ear to ear and said "Weee" every time we turned a corner or took off. He didn't want to get off at the terminal and stood and watched the bus drive off while he waved and said 'bye bye bus.'

Once we were at the airport, we checked in our baggage (too bad ALL of my baggage can't be checked that easily) and rode the escalator up to the terminal level and got something to eat and let the boys play. Bailey hung out with me and my $8 salad. He at a $1 apple and a $1 bag of chips and played with Thomas and his coaches. Jake and Maverick went for a little walk.

We made it through security okay. Bailey was cooperative and took off his shoes and put them in the little grey box and willingly put his backpack in, too. We played a little while longer, and handed out the benadryl until it was time to board.

Once on board, we strapped Bailey into his car seat and got ourselves situated. Mav was a little wrestless, but was asleep in Jake's arms by the time we took off. Bailey played with his trains and a few other odds and ends toys I brought for entertainment until it was finally necessary, about an hour and a half into the flight, to pull out the always faithful portable DVD player. Max and Ruby were just the company he needed to make it through the rest of the flight. He didn't fall asleep until we landed. Mav was a little bit restless when he woke up and we expected that. I ended up having to trade seats with Jake to keep Mav from knocking off the DVD player or smacking Bailey.

When we got to HOTlanta, we rode the train and escalator to the baggage claim area - another thrill for Bailey! As we got to the top of the escalator, there stood Benny in the crowd of people waiting for their loved ones to come riding up. We loaded all of our stuff up and hit the road to Fort Mill. We got home around 2am or so and the boys weren't really ready to go to bed. We let them explore for a few minutes until the adults could no longer keep our eyes open. They cooperatively went to bed and we all slept like logs. I'm not sure what time the boys really got out of bed because GG and Paw Paw were eager to entertain them until we got up.

So far I've gotten my hair cut - really cut - and we've toured the big city of Fort Mill to see the progress of the constant development going on here. I've forgotten how beautiful spring time in SC is! In one short years time, I've grown to appreciate the brown of the dry desert, but don't think I'll ever not love the 4 true seasons of South Carolina! I've also grown to appreciate the dry heat of El Paso. I've been glistening since I got off the plane in Atlanta. It really is amazing how much difference the humidity makes.


GE is me said...

Glad you made it safely. Have a wonderful vacation & will look forward to reading updates about the trip.

Sundi said...

I wish my kids could be that compliant on a plane ride -- you'll have to tell me your secrets! I'm glad you made it okay and it sounds like you're having fun. Miss you already!

Nikki said...

So glad you made it here in one piece. I hate that tere wasn't a little bit of drama so Jake could have really seen first-hand he truly came to having no children after the one time you came alone!!!

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