Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Since We've Been Gone

We're really enjoying our trip to SC. We spent the past 2 days CHILDLESS in Charleston so what's not to enjoy!

Friday night, we had a birthday party for Jake and me. Both of us were trying to pull off parties for the other via Jake's mom. I was aggravated with Jake because he never said anything to me about it, but I knew that he was up to something because his mom called me asking me what we should do since we, his mom and I, were already planning something when he came up with an almost identical party plan. Looking back, we probably should've all come clean and not tried to pull any surprises. Instead, I ended up aggravated because we didn't pull off a surprise. However, I did manage to get Jake's 'best' friend, Brent, to the party without him knowing so I guess I did pull one surprise off. We had a good time seeing some of our close friends from FM, but it really is difficult to hang out when all of our kiddos need supervision! I told Jake that if I had the money and could pull it off, I would get his parents' cabin in Pigeon Forge one weekend and invite my buddies from here up there for a kid free - mommies only weekend! I'm serious about attempting to pull it off at some point in the near future.

Saturday, my mom and I took a trip to Hamricks and then onto look at cameras. We have identical cameras now. We purchased the exact same cameras by complete coincidence. Now we're both sort of looking for new cameras. Hers needs to be replaced because her battery door is duct taped on causing her camera to always think the batteries are dying. I just want a better camera. There's really nothing wrong with mine. I just want something faster and better!

Sunday afternoon, Jake and I left the boys with the Wades and headed down to Charleston, SC. We've about decided we're going to retire in the Charleston area, but we've got about 22 more years before we really get to make that decision! We went on a dinner cruise around the Charleston peninsula Sunday night. Monday, we walked our butts off. We did some shopping and bought a Charleston print that I can't wait to get framed and hung on the wall in our bedroom. It poured down rain Monday night and the good tourists that we are ate at Chilis and then went to a movie!

This morning, we woke up and ate breakfast with our Canadien friends at the Ashley Inn then went on our mission to get a
Trademark Properties shirt. Their downtown store wasn't open the first time we went by so we walked down to the battery and took some pictures of some of the beautiful, old homes in Charleston. By the time we got back to the Trademark store, it was open. Jake got his shirt and felt like his trip to Ctown was worthwhile! The only thing that could've been better was if Richard had been there to shake our hands and take a picture.

We were glad to get back to FM tonight to see our little boys. They enjoyed their time with GG and PawPaw. Mavvy apparently woke up on the wrong side of the bed after his nap this afternoon and was pretty fussy tonight. I think his stomach must've been bothering him because he was gassy and had a very yucky diaper. He even called for his 'dahdy' to come change it!

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